A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Accommodation Abroad

When you are planning a trip abroad, one of the biggest costs that you will have is accommodation. You need to decide where you will stay and how long for. A lot of the decisions might be made by your budget. If you will want to self-cater, then it does limit the places you could stay, for example. But an important thing to remember is that where you stay, is more than just somewhere to sleep and store your bags. It is an important part of your trip. If you get the location wrong, then it could prove bothersome. So here are some things to consider, when you decide what type of accommodation you will stay in.


You can pretty much guarantee that you will have your own room and private bathroom when you stay in a hotel. Other facilities can completely vary, though. The chances are that there will be some sort of fridge, but don’t rely on the fact that there will be one. So it can be hard to prepare your own food in a hotel room. So unless a food package comes with the room, expect the food to be quite pricey. You will no doubt have access to wifi, a bar and perhaps a pool. But hotels can feel a little impersonal. So just think about what you want to get out of your trip.

Private Rental

If you choose to stay in private rentals or holiday homes, then it will be like a home away from home. It is often thought of as a better option if you have children. As you can do laundry, and make as much noise as you want. In hotels in can be tricky to keep everyone quiet. You can cook your own food easily, as it will have a kitchen and appliances. So it can save you money in that way. The downside is that there can be large security deposits. So be careful if anything gets broken, as you might not get your money back.


If you are really on a budget and want to travel, hostels will be the way to go for you. They can vary, but as a rule, you will have a room and probably a community bathroom. For it to cost less, you could even share a room. They are great if you are traveling with friends, or only want to stay somewhere for a night before moving on. They can be a great way to meet new people too. As a lot of the spaces are communal, it is best to keep belongings with you, especially valuables.


There are lots of websites these days where you can home exchange or rent a room in someone’s home. It is making travel really affordable for many, so they are growing in popularity. This is probably the best option if you are a couple or a lone traveler. As quite often you will be staying in someone’s home when they are still there. Best to choose this for busy city break style of holiday. As you’ll be out of the house the majority of the time. It still gives the option for cooking your own food, though.