Running update 4

So, where did we leave off. It was this time last month and I had a hamstring injury and decided to run on a full stomach – bad idea. Plus, I’d made the stupid decision to commit to the 10k by signing up to the race officially. Now where are we…

Well 4 weeks have passed, I’m still not sure how that happened. I’ve taken a holiday to Malta with some girlfriends, had a week off work, split up from my husband (yep that’s me slipping this in here on the sly), changed my name, and lost all motivation to eat healthy, let alone run a 10k. But this week, I’m back…I’m partly motivated…I’m running again.

I’m a bit behind on my training plan, I’m actually on week 5, when I should be on week 7/8 but who cares. I’m still doing it. I’m still improving day by day and I’m determined to not only run the 10k but also to shift my last bit of fat. 13lbs to go!

On the running side, I’ve discovered this thing called jogging. The app tells you to jog from the start, but apparently I have been running. They. Are. Different. Especially when you make it to actually having to keep running for a certain number of minutes!

So this week I have made a special effort to jog and not worry about my overall time. I’ve been so focussed on trying to improve my speed to get up to what everyone else will be running at the race that I hadn’t thought about the fact I am years behind them.

Jogging is great. It’s basically glorified walking, but it turns out that being able to keep up the jog for the 5 mins instead of running for 3 mins and walking the remaining 2 mins because you’re too tired is actually the same speed! Who knew!

So tonight I’m out for the first run on the app where it specifies a distance to run rather than the time. Although I’m sure I can run the distance, I’m still dreading it. I need to run for 3/4 of a mile – which sounds nothing…but when you do it it’s a different matter. Then you think I have to run 8 of these in 11.5 weeks – let’s see how this goes…