Running Update

So it’s been a little while since my last update, but that’s only because I’ve been a busy bee. In the last couple of months I have managed to sell my house (purely by accident – didn’t actually put it on the market), buy a new house, get myself a new fella and all while still training for the 10k. Didn’t leave much time for a blog post update.

So how am I getting on with the running? I have been trying to get out at least twice a week but mostly 3 times a week when I can. I’m now up to running around 6.5k with just 2 x 1 minute’s of walking at the 15 minute and 30 minute marks. Which may not seem a lot to some people – that’s only 4 miles after all, but in comparison to when I started running¬†and could barely run for 60 seconds without stopping. I’m really pleased with my progress but I still have 3.5k to go until I reach the 10k so I need to keep training.

I also think I need to slow down the pace as although my miles are up to around 11.5 minute miles (compared to the over 14 when I started!) my legs are like jelly when I get home and it takes longer than a day to recover, which is also part of the reason I only manage to fit in 2 runs a week.

I seem to get a lot of personal bests now, which means I am definitely improving so it’s encouraging.