Seven Top UK Adventure Activities

If you’re the adventurous type that likes to travel the UK, try one of these spots in the UK where you are guaranteed some fun-filled experiences. If you are looking for something a bit more subdued, try something like this.

Go ape


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Go Ape centres have 26 sites across the UK. These are best for people that don’t mind heights, as the courses are all off the ground. Plan about 2 to 3 hours, to complete a course, depending on how fast you are. You will get a safety talk before you start and be put into a harness. There are lots of different challenges around the course including zip wires and Tarzan swings. Go Ape is a great full body workout, and there’s bound to be some thrills and spills along the way.

Centre Parcs

There are five Center Parcs locations in the UK including Nottingham, Bedford, and Suffolk. The best thing about a Centre Parcs break is that you can choose your level of activity. There are plenty of relaxing activities like attending the spa, walking in the forest, or going out for dinner. However, if you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, then why not try kayaking, archery or mountain biking. The activities at Centre Parcs are designed for residents, and you can book a four-day stay, either mid week or over a weekend on their website.

Tank Driving

Another great UK adventure activity is a day driving a tank, with sites near Buckingham, Kettering, and Tamworth. These days differ from your usual driving day because instead of a sleek, fast car you get to jump in World War II tank. Imagine pretending to be a soldier for a day! You’ll be given some safety information on how the tank works and then it’s up to you to negotiate the challenging terrain and complete the mission!



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Paintballing is another popular UK adventure activity. This is an easy one to book because there are numerous sites across the UK that office. When you go paintballing, you will be asked to wear protective overalls which protect both your clothes and you. You’ll be glad of these as sometimes it can sting a bit when you do get shot! You will also be asked to wear a mask. This is crucial as it protects your face and eyes. You will then be split into teams and given a mission and objectives. There are different games you can play like a grab the flag, defend the base and all out assaults.


Another great UK activity only available in Dublin at the moment is GoQuest. GoQuest is an indoor activity that has four indoor zones. There are four different types of friends including Time Travel Jungle, Jeopardy Sports and Play and Hidden Ireland. Each zone has a number of rooms. In each room, there will be an activity, which will be a puzzle that you have to solve. You have to solve it against the clock. Choose a challenge from the physical, skill or mental categories, and win points for your team.



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Another great activity that offered across multiple sites across the UK is a falconry day. These are often located at UK country houses or Manors. You will get a bit of history about hunting with birds of prey before the session starts. In the session itself, you will learn how to call the birds and even have a go at flying a hawk or owl yourself! Just remember to wear your protective gauntlet as I have heard they have very sharp claws!




Sailing is very popular on the coast of Britain, and there’re a few different types you can do. If you would prefer solitary activity then what about one man dinghy. No, not a rubber dinghy, I mean a one-man boat with a sail! If you favour team sports, then you could go for a two or three man catamaran. Catamarans are particularly fun and challenging because they are designed to sit at an angle in the water. This allows them to go very fast, while been very light, although it may take a bit of time to get your balance. You will be briefed on all the safety procedures. This includes what to do with the boat turns over, how to wear your life jacket properly, and how to signal for help if you’re in trouble. If you enjoy this experience, some providers also offer a certified course, which means you will be qualified to take a boat out on your own.


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