Small Home Improvements That Make A Huge Difference

Often you can look around your home, or just a particular room, and feel that it needs redesigning. It might seem a bit dated or just time for a change, but that doesn’t mean that you need to completely strip the room bare and start again. Sometimes all you need to do is make some small changes that will completely transform the room.


Starting at the entrance to the room, that immediate first impression can change the way you view the room. Or it might be the landing or hallway that needs a face lift. If you’re looking for Oak Doors, the classic look can give the room that much needed revival, or you can simply transform the doors you already have with a lick of paint, or by DIY-ing some panels and creating a more vintage look.


You should always aim to get as much natural light into a room as possible. East facing rooms can benefit from large windows, even full length ones, but you should consider a UV tinting to keep the room from completely overheating. Bay windows and French doors are another great option for letting in natural light. Aside from that, the right lighting in a room can make the space feel bigger. Your traditional central lamp shade only highlights the centre of the room, cutting off the corners. You can easily fix this with lamps, but it’s a lot more energy efficient to look at installing spotlights instead.

Soft Furnishings

Making a room feel comfortable and welcoming has a lot to do with whether or not you feel you can settle into that couch, or snuggle into that bed. Which is where soft furnishings come in. It is so easy to overdo the amount of cushions you throw around, so make sure you don’t over balance the bed or couch with extras – stick to two or three each side of the bed and vary the size. The same on the couch – vary the sizes of your cushions and stick to four or five on your three seater, less if the backboard is comprised of large throw cushions. Blankets and throws are great for adding softness and warmth to the space and can really make a room feel inviting. Also loom at playing with mediums; a thick rug works amazingly with a hardwood floor.


An obvious but still important trick to mention; painting. And not just the walls – although a lick of paint, even the same shade as before, can lift the entire room. Paint fades over time, so sometimes you just need to freshen things up. But also look at doing the same to your furniture. You might have some amazing pieces that are just starting to look a bit dated or just don’t fit your style anymore. Quite often that can be fixed by simply giving it a lick of paint. You can use chalk paint for a smooth, matte finish for that rustic look, or finish with varnish for a more traditional feel. Maybe you want to be adventurous and play with patterns, or even completely repurpose a piece of furniture; you can easily transform a chest of drawers into a doggy bedroom.