Small Home? These Space Saving Hacks Will Help

Are you living in a small space and tired of tripping over your stuff? Whether you are living alone in a studio apartment, or have a small house but a big family, a lack of space is a problem that many people struggle with. Having a smaller living space than you would like can be incredibly frustrating, and you may find yourself feeling a little trapped. Living in a home that is full of clutter means that it is harder to clean, and also hard to relax and enjoy your living space. However, with house prices and the cost of renting seemingly growing all the time moving home isn’t always a viable option. If you are struggling for space-saving  home hacks, these tips should help:

Getting Started

The first step is to start with a clear out. Many people avoid decluttering their homes, but if you are going to reclaim the space you do have, it is an essential part of the process. Make life easier by starting small, so you don’t become overwhelmed by the work ahead. Slow and steady progress is much better than trying to do everything at once and then giving up. 

Try to work your way through your clutter logically, for example, clear out a cupboard to free up space for all the stuff that’s lying around on the floor. Working in this systematic way will help you to see the results of your efforts much faster.

You could try selling items that you no longer need to make some cash from them. Alternatively, you may want to donate them to charity, or a friend or family member that could make use of them. If you have items that you want to keep but won’t need to use for a while, such as toys and clothes that your older kids have outgrown, but your younger ones are too small for, why not pop them into storage? Using container storage means your items are easily accessible to you when you need them and are safely stored while freeing up extra space in your home.

Use Your Space Wisely

Making the most of small living space is all about using the available space wisely. Shelves and wall-mounted cabinets are ideal for gaining extra space in your home without encroaching on your floor space, choosing to mount your TV on the wall, rather than on a cabinet will also save on your floor space.

Choose Multi-tasking Items

Choose items for your home than have more than one purpose, and you can not only save money but use half as much space. Beds which have storage underneath them are perfect for this, a sofa that converts into a sofa bed is also ideal for guests. Use a chest or trunk as a coffee table, and you will gain even more storage.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to make the most of living in a smaller space; the key is to plan carefully and avoid clutter.