Stop Dodging DIY! Here Are Some Handy Tips to Help You Realize Your Creative Side

DIY–three letters that, to some, are incredibly frightening and scary. Even the thought of trying to install a shelf can be worrying to some people, but it’s honestly not as difficult as you may think and having some DIY knowledge can be incredibly useful all around the home. Most people forget that DIY just stands for “do it yourself” and that can mean a number of different things. Whether it’s creating your own furniture, decorating rooms by yourself or even creating some handy electronics to use around the home, DIY encompasses a lot of different skills and fields.

So to help you realize your creative side and get into DIY, we’ve prepared some handy tips that will help settle you into this wonderful and creative world.

Where do you want to start?

People often start with what they’re comfortable with. For instance, if you have a little experience knitting, then you could start with some DIY hats, caps or sweaters. This is great considering the upcoming Christmas season and you could have some lovely presents ready for the future.

You could also start with a more techy side, such as creating circuits, electronics or programming. This can be quite complicated and requires a lot of knowledge especially if you want to implement it into your home, but there are many unique projects with hardware like the Raspberry Pi that can help you get started.

Where is DIY needed?

You can also think about where DIY is needed in the home. For instance, if your kitchen needs a bit of work then learning DIY decor is a great idea. If you want to create unique gifts then DIY clothing and accessories can be a fantastic start. Find out where you want to get started with DIY by looking at where it’s needed.

If you want some practical DIY, consider getting yourself a set of beginner’s tools like screwdrivers and a drill and consider some basic home improvements like installing a shelf, putting together some furniture and renovating one of your rooms. It can be a slow project if you want–there’s no rush!

Knowing where to get materials

DIY can be expensive especially if you’re not sure where to get materials. Most people would just look to Amazon for everything, but you can save a lot of money by purchasing from specialized websites instead. You may need to buy in bulk, but you can save a lot of money and you’ll have a lot of practice materials left over to learn with in the future.

A good example of this is buying foam from Easy Foam. Foam can be used in a number of DIY applications such as soundproofing, creating your own cushions or even mattresses. It’s a fantastic DIY material but if you need it in bulk, you’re not going to find it on Amazon!

The same goes for tools and other materials like paints, wood and so on. You’re going to get much better deals by purchasing wood or even wood scraps from a specialized service so you can work on it with your tools, as opposed to buying complete finished flat-pack furniture.

Always stay safe

DIY can be dangerous, especially if you’re doing something like painting the exterior of your house, fixing the roof or even doing projects with electronics. Sadly, most people don’t realize the dangers of some DIY activities, so make sure you look at where the dangers are and do your best to avoid them so you don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

The major things to look out for are the tools you use. For instance, power tools like drills and saws can be incredibly dangerous if you’re not protected. In addition, personal protection is mandatory such as goggles and gloves. You may also want to protect your home if you’re doing something like painting a room or drilling holes (it causes a lot of mess and noise!) and you also want to check for electronics, cables and other obstructions before you drill into something.

Of course, this only applies if you’re doing that kind of DIY. If you’re just knitting or making some decor pieces, then you likely won’t put yourself in danger.


Hopefully, this article has inspired you to try some DIY on your own. It’s not as difficult or scary as some people make it out to be, and you’ll be surprised at just how creative you can be once you get started and explore some unique ways to put your skills to use.