Stuck for Father’s Day Ideas? Read This.

Father’s Day is on the horizon! In the UK, it’s going to be celebrated on Sunday the 19th of June. So yes, that means it’s now less than a month away!

If you haven’t got anything for the father in your life, I’m not exactly going to be quick to judge. I’m awful at buying presents weeks ahead of time. In fact, if you’re still feeling a bit stuck, I’m going to offer you some assistance.

Here’s a quick gift guide for those who need a little brainstorming help. Even if you don’t get any of the items listed here specifically, this guide might help you think up similar ideas!



Video games

If there’s a PlayStation 4 in your household, then Uncharted 4 should be in your collection. If it’s not, then now is the perfect excuse to get it! If he loves his video games, then chances are he’s interested in this one. It’s the most critically-acclaimed game of the year so far!

There are, of course, plenty of others to consider. Newer releases like Overwatch or brainier experiences like The Witness are also hot choices. There’s even the new release in the DOOM series – perfect if he played the originals when he was younger!



A tank

Okay, so not an actual tank. While I’m sure he’d appreciate it, something about getting him a tank seems irresponsible. But what you can get him is a day in a tank. Anyone on the hunt for a unique but thrilling present can book him a tank driving experience he’ll never forget.

This is a great idea if the father in your life has a fascination about motors, tanks, or world history. I sincerely hope he’s not too disappointed to learn that he can’t actually fire explosives from any of the tanks on offer.



Ferrari replica

Maybe he’s not so into tanks. Maybe he’s more into sleeker, faster rides. Something more sporty or luxurious. One make of car springs to mind, of course: the Ferrari. I doubt there would be many fathers out there who wouldn’t mind getting a Ferrari on Father’s Day. In fact, I struggle to think of anyone who wouldn’t like to get a Ferrari on Father’s Day. Although the father might complain that it’s him who’s supposed to be getting the present.

Of course, you’re probably not looking to get him a Ferrari. But if he is interested in luxury cars, you could consider getting him a beautiful scale model.




People often remember dreading socks as a gift when they were much younger. They’re often seen as this stereotypical “bad” or “boring” gift. But as they get older, they definitely come to appreciate the magic of socks a bit more. (I’ve actually enjoyed getting socks as a present since I was about fourteen. Is that weird?)

You shouldn’t buy into the whole “socks are a lazy gift” idea. That being said, you may want to look into more exciting styles of sock if you want to go down this route. Look into getting socks with eccentric, creative designs.

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