The Kookiest Must-See Sights In Ireland

If you adore scratching that wanderlust itch every so often to venture off to new destinations to explore the more weird and wonderful sights on the planet, then Ireland has a lot to offer you. The glorious emerald isle is a nation of contrasts. From the achingly cool and hip capital city of Dublin to the stunningly beautiful countryside of County Cork, Ireland has something to offer everybody. Explore a little deeper and a tad off the tourist trail and you will find a whole host of kooky sights that will allow you to get your kicks for all things odd and bizarre. Take a look at these kooky sights in Ireland that will have you jumping aboard the next plane to this wonderful island.

Victor’s Way Indian Sculpture Park

Apparently, an Irishman once has visions of mythical, bizarre and grotesque creatures and images. These visions were then sculpted in stone by artisan craftsmen in India before returning to County Wicklow and settling into a 22 acre site. The most kooky sculpture of all is that of ‘The Split Man’ – a disturbing entity literally ripping himself in two. These spiritual visions couldn’t have been pleasant for the individual affected by them. However, the park is now visited by families, couples and oddness seekers from all over the world. And to send it to the top of the bizarreness scale, the sculpture park is dedicated to the famous mathematician Alan Turing.

National Leprechaun Museum

Situated in the capital city of Dublin, the National Leprechaun Museum celebrates its famous little mythical people renowned for bringing good luck to those who believe. This fantastic little museum uses an interactive approach to its displays including optical illusions, perspective manipulation and video commentary. Not solely limited to leprechauns, the entire history of Irish folklore and mythology is explored throughout the exhibits.

If you fancy staying around Dublin to experience a tipple of Guinness or two alongside the kookier sights, it pays to stay close by. Resting your weary bones in Portlaoise, Ireland means you don’t have to be in the hustle and bustle of the city, can enjoy the fresh Emerald Isle air and yet still only be a short drive away.

The Hungry Tree

While the Hungry Tree may conjure up images of great mythical oaks, a la Lord of the Rings, the Hungry Tree in Ireland is, in fact, an eighty year old plane tree that appears to be eating a park bench. Without fanfare or entrance fees, you can walk through a park in Dublin and witness the trunk of the tree seemingly scoffing the cast iron back of the bench. The way the tree has developed around the bench creates an incredible illusion of it slowly devouring the seat. It’s even been listed as one of Ireland’s most treasured heritage trees.

Ireland isn’t all Guinness, stew and Enya – there is so much more to the Emerald Isle than meets the eye. If you fancy exploring the weirder side of a nation, then Ireland should be high up on your bucket list of destinations to visit.