The Little Things That Can Boost Your Mood In Winter

January is the worst of all the months.

It’s winter.

Everything is grey, cold and rainy.

Christmas is behind you.

And there’s nothing exciting to look forward to – except for the sales, maybe, but if you’re like most people, you’re probably too broke after Christmas to take part!

That’s precisely why January is a high-risk month for depression and seasonal affective disorder – a mild form of depression, called SAD. You need to find little things to keep you happy if you don’t want to start the year under antidepressant treatment. Happiness, thankfully, can be found all around you, as long as you know where to look. The secret to unlocking your smile? Disturb the daily dullness!

A warm and delicious cuppa

The Met Office has issued warnings about freezing weather descending upon Britain. Snow and ice are expected in the northern regions, while strong winds and cold rain are set to hit the southern areas. Farewell blue sky and sunny weather. But don’t despair. You can keep yourself warm indoors with a cuppa of freshly brewed tea. You deserve something nice when everything is cold and grey outside. Why not make your own fruit tea, using frozen raspberries and hot water? It’s delicious and full of healthy vitamin C! If you’re worried about catching a cold, try a homemade lemongrass and ginger tea; a real kick for your immune system!

A green and luscious garden

Homeowners who have a garden often feel disheartened when the winter comes. Your green haven turns into mud and rocks. You can, however, make sure to keep your garden fresh and luscious at all times with artificial grass – LazyLawn is an excellent address – and perennials plants. Pansies bring splashes of colours in the middle of a dark day. Cyclamens and Hellebores are equally vibrant options to make your garden your happy winter place.

A stroll outside

Did you know that SAD is primarily linked to sun exposure? In winter, as days grow shorter and people stay indoors, your body can’t produce the vitamin D it gets from the sun. Consequently, spending 20 to 30 minutes outside during the day can be all the exposure you need to boost your happy hormones. Additionally, being in nature – whether it’s your garden or a quick stroll through the park during your lunch break – can significantly reduce stress and lift your mood. If you’re feeling blue, don’t hesitate; put your coat on and surround yourself with greens! There’s no better cure for the winter woes.

A change of decor

Your interior can feel empty and somehow a little boring once you’ve removed all the exciting and magical Christmas decorations. No more elf on the shelf. No more garland. No more lights. Maybe all you need to make it exciting again is a fresh coat of paint. If cream and magnolia shades are getting too much for you, try a pale blushed pink – Rosé Season –, or a vibrant blue — Boca Raton Blue – to refresh your interior.

Finding your happy place in winter can be tricky. Focus on the little everyday things that make you happy, from drinking yummy tea to falling in love again with your living room. It’s no time to be SAD.