The Most Exciting Gift Experiences For Adrenaline Junkies

Rather than giving your nearest and dearest something to unwrap on their birthday, the idea of gift experiences is becoming more and more popular. People place much more emphasis on making memories and having the opportunity to experience something new and exciting. The advent of the gift experience over a decade ago led to small firms emerging offering everything from wine tasting to cake making, and from luxury spa days to hotel stays. Nowadays the industry is booming with hundreds of companies trying to tap into different niches and thousands of weird and wonderful experiences on offer. Take a look at the best experiences that could interest the adrenaline junkie in your life.

Bungee Jumping

The ultimate in thrill-seeking has always been bungee jumping. The idea of tethering yourself by your feet to a giant piece of elastic and jumping from a bridge, monument or building sees some people bursting with excitement. There are plenty of well qualified and regulated providers of this experience. After a short safety briefing, you could witness your loved one flinging themselves from a great height only to bounce back up again. While it may not be your thing, your pal will have one of the most memorable experiences of their lives.

Horse Riding

While there have always been plenty of pony trekking experiences on the market, there’s now an emerging demand for more adrenaline-inducing equine activities. You could send your loved one off to experience a day at the rodeo. They may get to learn the art of lassoing, try to endure the bucking bronco and take an awe-inspiring gallop through some of the country’s finest countryside. They may even return wanting to purchase a home for a new four legged friend from a company like Vale Stables. After all, where else will they house their brand new stallion?


Launching yourself out of a plane to descend 3000 feet, legs akimbo before unleashing a parachute is not everyone’s idea of fun. Skydiving for those who enjoy the most extreme thrill-seeking opportunities is a fantastic gift. For those who prefer a more controlled environment, there is now the option to attend an indoor skydiving session. Seemingly inside a giant vertical fan, an instructor will guide you to simulate the poses and posture needed to control your elevation and speed of movement.


A fantastic way of enjoying the experience with your nearest and dearest is to gift them a shared experience. A group of pals can attend a paintballing session to take part in the ultimate stress relieving and fun activity. Kitted up, you’ll covertly make your way through a wooded area holding your paintball gun, trying to steal the opposing team’s flag. You need to stay alert, shoot your rivals and try not to get shot yourself. You won’t be able to make it through the day without a bruise or two, but your best buddy will remember the experience forever.

The old adage states that experiences last a lifetime, so forego the gift wrap and start giving experiences: the ultimate thoughtful gift.