Tips for travelling with dogs

Although Squeak is normally fine when we travel in the devil machine with four wheels, I hate it and so am usually dribbling, sick and generally unwell when we travel with mummy and daddy. After nearly a year of trying to get me used to the car, mummy and daddy have a few tricks which they have noticed help me slightly that will hopefully help you when travelling with dogs. Here are my (and mummy and daddy’s) top tips!

  1. Make sure you have securely attached us to the car – this is a legal requirement apparently, although I love to run around, so it does help control the movement slightly if I’m made to sit still.
  2. Layer up blankets and soft bedding – if you use a back car seat protector, fill the back seats with soft bedding and blankets that we can cosy into. It also helps if we are sick as then you can just remove the layers as they get soiled – yukky!
  3. Ginger biscuits – half a ginger biscuit around 20 minutes before travelling settles our stomachs, and they are delicious!
  4. Avoid feeding – I hate this one, but not feeding on the morning of travel will limit how unwell we feel, stick to feeding a big meal as normal the night before and then feed us when you arrive at the destination.
  5. Carry plenty of cleaning products and fresh water – if we are unwell, we want fresh water to drink while you clean up the mess.
  6. Toys – sometimes this can help if we’re distracted with a chew toy, I find I’m too wound up to do this.
  7. Walk – take us for a really long walk the morning of travel to help tire us out, that way we’ll sleep the whole way!
  8. Keep windows open – ok it might mean you’re cold, but by having windows open we’ll get lots of fresh air to make us feel better.
  9. Front seat is normally better – if you find none of this works you can get front car seat carriers, as the front of cars normally has less movement and so helps slightly.
  10. Stop lots – if we settle then great, keep going as you don’t want to wake us up until you really need to, but make sure you stop regularly so we can top up on water and stretch our legs. We’d suggest every 45 minutes to an hour or so! Hope you’re not planning a trip to Scotland from the south anytime soon!