Top New Year’s Eve locations and ideas

OK, so I know Christmas is just around the corner, and yes, that’s all everyone can bear to think about. But with New Year’s creeping up behind Santa like a ninja cat, (everyone loves Ninja Cat!) I thought it best to start planning for ringing in the new year in style. I’ve been to a few New Year’s shindigs in my time, and writing for a travel company I’ve also done lots and lots and lots of research on the subject. So here goes, my top New Year’s Eve locations and ideas (in no particular order?!).

Bideford: I know I’m bias as I do live here, but as one of my first ‘proper’ New Year’s experiences it will always feature highly, as it did get in the Guardian! There are always lots of activities during the day, a fun fair, DJs, live bands, the local radio and a massive firework display to enjoy, all from about 11am on the 31st so plenty for all ages to do. But that’s not what I love about it. Every single person in Bideford (and I mean everyone, as you’ll be frowned at if you don’t) turns up in fancy dress. Each year the events team picks a theme and every crazy loon (and I’m talking about me!) turns up in full costumes, from men in nappies to crowds of minions, you can see a variety of people out for what is always a great night on the town. I know where I’ll be this New Year!

Fancy Dress ideas
Yes, that’s a cat, a Harajuku girl and a hot dog drinking a pint of cider in one photo!
  • Falmouth – St Michaels Spa: I spent one New Year’s Eve at the luxury Spa hotel on Falmouth’s Gylly beach. It was amazing. The hotel was fab, and definitely one of my favourites all year around, but their New Year’s party was excellent. A delicious 6 or 7 course dinner (can’t remember but it felt like we were eating for hours!), followed by a DJ and local band playing in the New Year. We’d expected to be surrounded by the older generation and we weren’t completely wrong, but they were just as lively as the young families in the room. We all had those really annoying noisy flying balloons on the tables and the 60+’s in the room were the first to set those off! Bit pricey, but definitely worth it if you want a few days away.
  • Edinburgh: Alright, I know I’ve never been *waits in hope at someone inviting her to stay* but Edinburgh is the ultimate destination to celebrate Hogmanay. I’ve always wanted to travel to Edinburgh *hint hint* so I would absolutely love to see in the New Year in this fabulous city centre. With events on for three days there is plenty to see and do. Musicians, comedians, entertainers and lots of other people too, come out in force to make every Hogmanay one to remember.
  • London: Pretty obvious really, but the party is always lively wherever you go in London. Say no more!
  • Newquay: As a lover of fancy dress, another firm favourite is in this Cornwall town. Although in no comparison to Bideford (see biased!), Newquay comes alive with characters of all types on New Year. With Cornwall very much a student haven, the masses combine to see in the new year in style in costumes and by drinking until they can’t remember the last 12 months of their lives.
  • Your house: Yep, you heard me right. New Year doesn’t have to mean another night on the town, or meal out or donning the weird costume you’ve had in the bottom of the fancy dress box for the last 10 years *prays it fits*! It’s about remembering what you’ve done over the past 12 months and what you plan to do for the next 12. As a child, I always remember New Year as a chance to spend some quality time with the family. OK, it always ended up in a fight over the monopoly board, with houses and paper money flying across the room, but overall, they’re the New Year’s I remember most (probably because I’ve normally been too drunk to remember the rest). But last year me and the OH decided to stay in as we’d been painting all day and we had a great time watching the celebrations across the world unfold on TV.

Where’s your favourite place to see in the New Year?

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Header Image Credit: Fireworks – CC BY-SA 2.0