Top Four Things To Do In Morocco

Morocco is a melting pot of adventures, secrets, hidden treasures and culture! There are so many things to do in this monumental country – have a taste of the middle east right here in northern Africa and find your bliss, whether it’s in the depths of a market in Marrakech, the middle of the Sahara desert or delving into the waters of Casablanca…you will find something you enjoy. So what exactly makes this country so tempting? The food, plenty of spicy couscous and lots of incredible exotic fruits, the architecture, which can be seen spread across the country in numerous Islamic temples and castles – the list is endless. 

Let’s take a look at the top five things to do in Morocco if you’re planning a visit in the next tourist season and be sure to make it the most memorable trip!

The Atlas Mountains  

The Atlas Mountains are a range of stunning high altitude peaks and troughs that border the Sahara and are both breathtaking and exciting. A drive through these mountains will leave you feeling amazed, you can see the nature of Morocco right outside the window as you wind through the narrow roads. There are plenty of resorts in the mountains, often luxury resorts, which sit nestled in the woodland and peaks of the hills. You can take a day trip there or choose to stay a little longer and explore the surrounding areas but be sure to not venture out alone. Certain areas may not be safe for tourists so stay with a tour group and make sure you do not stray off any beaten tracks. The resorts are friendly and plentiful, so if you are looking for a luxury retreat, this is the area to come! 

Desert Tours

The Sahara desert is on your doorstep in Morocco. Take a trip on a camel through the dunes of the Sahara, soaking up the heat, the golden rays of the desert and seeing small community life. Tours of Morocco offer many different options for people who want to have a taste of the desert and vast plains. Go by camel, the only way to travel and you will be sure not to forget the experience on your tour, the beauty of the Sahara never leaves you. Around two million people live in the Sahara desert, not as many as some may think! 


Casablanca is situated in central-western Morocco and is a port city and commercial hub in western Morocco which is popular with tourists and entrepreneurs. It’s swarmed with beautiful Mauresque architecture, a blend of Moorish style and European art deco which can be seen downtown and around the city, as you watch the world go by, you’ll see a melting pot of cultures and heritages. Standing on the water, it is a brilliant summer destination and is perfect for those who want to soak up the sun a little more. Casablanca is reminiscent of many European beach resorts, thick sandy beaches with warm waters and the hotels in the area are often set on the beach. The most amazing beach resort with a true taste of Morocco! 

Go Visit The Palaces! 

For those who enjoy history, you’ll be blown away by the architecture of some of Morocco’s palaces. One of the country’s most famous is the Badia Palace. It’s both fascinating and intriguing as you will find it is still in its former glory. The palace took fifteen years to build, and it is the most stunning display of both craftmanship and architecture created during the Saadian period. It was constructed with some of the most expensive materials of the time which also includes onyx, solid gold, and marble which is what the colonnades are constructed from. Originally it had at least 360 rooms which were elaborately decorated including a pool created for those sizzling summer months. After the fall of the Saadians, it sadly lost some of its glory and was then taken over by the Alaouite dynasty, you will be able to learn so much about the history of the country if you choose to visit one of these incredible palaces. 

Morocco is rich in culture and there are things across the entire breadth of the country that are worth seeing if you’re taking a trip there. You can have a taste of the desert, the beaches, the cities and the history, and the people. There is still a huge pride of the people of Morocco which will draw you in instantly – all ready and waiting to be explored.