Top tips for planning your wedding

So many of you will know that in late 2018 the other half popped the question…in the best way possible outside Disneyland castle. Serious brownie points right there. So in the last few month’s we’ve been busy wedding planning and booking up everything we need for our big day. There are a few lessons already that I wish I’d known from the start so I thought now was the best time to collate a top tips for planning your wedding blog to help you when wedding planning seems so out of reach!

  1. Budget budget budget

    First things first don’t start any planning without working out what you can afford. Things may seem reasonable as you book them but if you’ve over committed yourself you may end up with a venue booked that you can’t then afford, or a venue but no money left for food! Find an online planner or make a list by your own steam. I found a few examples and then created my own spreadsheet to keep track of the money.

  2. Research

    Attend wedding fairs, read magazines and browse pinterest. You can never have enough ideas. For each thing you’re planning to book make sure you get at least 5 quotes. That way you can see what is a fair price for the item you’re booking. Many suppliers such as cake makers will also ask for ideas so creating a pinterest board is a great way to be able to share your thoughts!

  3. Don’t be over keen

    Don’t jump into planning head first without thinking through exactly what you want. You’ll end up purchasing things you don’t need or then end up stuggling to find other items to be able to use the original bad purchases. Plan, plan and plan again!

  4. Create a guest list

    Before you start anything think about who you want to invite. This is a tricky business but think about who you really want to be there. Yes you may upset your 3rd cousin on your aunties side, but in real life, have you actually seen them in the last year?? Would you take them out to dinner normally? If no, then strike them off the list! Tot up your numbers before you go off searching for venues and it will make it much easier shortlisting!

  5. Use small companies

    If you do your research properly you should be able to find companies just starting out that will be much cheaper than many other established suppliers. Why not take a punt on the little guy?

  6. Be creative

    Why spend hundreds on decorations when there are so many ideas for ‘hacks’ to make them cheaper. Hoops are seriously on trend at the minute so why not buy cheap hula hoops for a couple of pounds and transform them into magnificent centrepieces!

  7. Talk to your other half

    Yes they will say they aren’t bothered what colour the table clothes are, or what size the cake is, but chatting everything through and getting their opinion will help solidify your marriage and is a great way to keep you bonding throughout your engagement. Don’t pester them though – give them time to come to you and involve them a bit at a time!

  8. Don’t promise an invite too early

    When you get engaged it’s really easy to get over excited and talk about your wedding with everyone and anyone and throwing comments around like we’re having XX band and you’ll love them, without actually even thinking about whether that person will be invited. Yes, get excited, but try to be careful with who you’re talking to and make sure you’re not promising something you will later regret!

  9. Think about your bridal party

    In the same way as your guest list, don’t plan your bridal party too early. Think through otherwise you might end up with 10 friends, 6 family, and just too many dresses and suits to buy for the big day. Who do you really rely on to be there for you and who would you just be happy to come and celebrate with you.

  10. Start early

    You can never start too early with wedding planning. I’ve started 22 months early and now everything is booked. If you leave it too late your chosen/cheap suppliers will all be booked up, you won’t have as good a choice on everything and you will feel much more stressed and under pressure for deadline day. Wedding planning will usually take at least 18 months, with some weddings being planned 2-3 years in advance. It’s a big deal, a big amount of money and you don’t want to rush into anything!!