The top traits of Frenchie dog breeds

So what do you need to know about the Frenchie dog breeds? We are crossed with pugs so we don’t have all the traits, which mummy says sometimes is a good thing and sometimes it’s bad. But overall, the Frenchie gene is strong in us. So what traits to French Bulldogs have?

We are very affectionate dogs

We love kids and other people. We are very friendly, but be careful as sometimes we don’t know our own strength and power and jump up to play.

We adapt well to small accommodation

For those living in flats rather than houses, frenchies are a great option. As long as they get plenty of exercise they are happy in any environment.

We are very easy to groom

We have short hair, and although like all dogs we have a shedding period, most of the time we’re not too bad at all!

We are very stubborn

We are quite easy to train, but tend to do as we want. We don’t like the rain for example, so whenever it’s wet outside we would rather pee in the house than out in the cold. Mummy hates winter!

We love playtime and belly rubs

Well who doesn’t!

Our farts stink

Unless you’ve found yourself at the wrong end of a skunk you’ve never smelt anything like it. Mummy just laughs now as she’s used to it, but guests end up leaving the room!

We snore…loudly

It’s very annoying apparently!

We get separation anxiety

We don’t like to be left alone. More than most other dogs we need company. We’re lucky as we have each other!