Walking for beginners

So I’ve never been the most active of people. If I could get by without doing any exercise it’s very likely I would! But when you have dogs you have to get out walking with them daily – but how do you make it not just a chore? My main thing is to make sure you walk on lots of different routes, not just the same one every day. So each weekend at least once, me and the OH try to get out on a walk in a new location.

But depending on where you head out, you can’t just ‘walk’! You need to be prepared just in case. You need proper equipment for certain terrains, clothing suitable for any¬†weather and plenty of provisions in case you get stuck! So what are my top recommendations to make sure you’re prepared?

  1. Invest in good walking shoes. Even if you don’t have walking boots or shoes you do need a decent pair of trainers. Obviously, walking shoes will be much better for you, but those old run down trainers won’t cut it after a few miles. Unless you want feet filled with blisters?
  2. Wear plenty of layers. Wearing lots of layers means depending on the weather you can add or remove them as you get warmer or cooler. I tend to wear a vest top, tshirt and a zip up jumper that’s easy to remove.
  3. Buy a decent jacket. Mine’s a Loris Softshell Jacket from Trespass. Softshell is a great option for walking as it’s not too thick but not thin either so you don’t overheat or get cold and wet.
  4. Use walking poles. If you’re walking really far or it’s a challenging hike, make sure you take walking poles with you to aid over the difficult parts.
  5. Pack a rucksack. If you’re going away from home for a hike, it’s worth packing a rucksack with provisions. Snacks, drinks, and equipment will get you through difficult situations. There’s loads of tips and advice online on what to pack!

Basically, as long as you are prepared you’ll be fine and don’t forget to have fun! It may be exercise but when you’re out walking you can have a really great time seeing the sights, enjoying the fresh air – take some friends and you’ll have great company too!