We finally finished our lounge renovation

Well it’s taken 8 months from start to finish – ok well it was basically finished before now but we finally got a long weekend to finish off the flooring so now we’re done! I’ve put some pictures below but here’s some tips from us now that it’s complete!

  1. Paint the ceiling, any coving and wood work first! We did paint the ceiling first but because we had to repair a strip of the coving on our new wall we left the coving until later – big mistake as we ended up touching onto the ceiling, and then had to touch back into the walls and then because my touching in at the top of a shaky ladder is questionable we had to touch back in on the ceiling paint. So that was basically a mess of layers of paint until it looked acceptable!
  2. Use a roller for the walls – we did this and it saved so much time. We painted the feature colour first and then cut in around the fireplace with the lighter paint on the other walls. I think if we’d used a more striking colour as a feature colour though, we would have painted the lighter colour first to avoid having to cover any bright colour mess!
  3. Cover your furniture or remove it completely – it’s much easier to paint with no furniture in your way.
  4. Buy decent paint – we used Dulux First Dawn for the blue and Frosted Steel for the grey and they were great only really needing 1 coat and a light second coat for covering spots. We bought cheap white paint though as that’s all the same and covers fine if you’re only painting white on white!
  5. Wax rather than varnish. We removed our fireplace and waxed it, by using a wax rather than varnish you keep the character and matt finish. It does mean we’ll need to retreat annually but a quick rub down can be done in no time at all!
  6. Make sure you have enough laminate, trim and cork off-cuts for the whole room – we still have one small spot of trim we need to complete because we didn’t buy cork tiles to fill the ‘door’ gaps in advance.
  7. Measure your furniture before you buy it. I bought a lovely big snuggle chair – and we have narrow hallways. You can guess the rest!

That’s enough of that – we’ll give more tips when we tell you about our dining room renovation, which has also taken 7 months! Now for some pictures!

Before – Back wall
Before – Feature wall

and drum roll please…

lounge renovation
Ignore the messy cushions!
lounge renovation
Can you spot Bubble and Squeak?

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