Handmade Wedding Stationery

I’m a wedding nut and am constantly reading wedding magazine’s to get ideas and creations for my stationery. At the moment I have a few wedding stationery projects on the go, from sea themed to love hearts, this is just a few of the samples I’ve made up for my client for an amethyst love heart theme.

I love these designs as they are simple but still show the theme and the colour of the wedding, to give the guests a hint of the day. I believe all wedding stationery should be elegant and not overcrowded with patterns, colours and features. The wedding invitation has a couple of main functions, firstly informing you of all the details of the wedding and secondly (more importantly for the women!) is to tell you the colour scheme so that you can get an outfit that coordinates with the wedding party, but not ending up looking like one of the bridesmaids!

These two examples are both A6 size gate-folded cards made from ivory hammered card with Do Crafts Anita’s Peel-Off’s for the Wedding Invitation text.

The first is made with purple hearts punched from card placed on 3D foam, and then a slit for the ribbon. The second one I punched the holes for the ribbon using my heart punch and then punched a smaller heart for the lower left hand corner.

I like both of these designs, I made a variety of different folds, layouts and ribbon styles for this client but these were the favourites.

I also make matching place cards, evening invitations, table plans, thank you cards, order of service to name a few, and can make it to any specification.