Week 1: Couch to 10k

So, this week I started running this is me before and after my first Couch to 10k run. The last time I ran was 13 years ago and I naively thought I could run a 5k race for life with no training – needless to say I barely finished and very quickly decided running was not my thing. This week because of a lot of peer pressure (thanks guys) combined with turning 29 (seriously hating life) I decided I want to run the local 10k race in May. So I downloaded the Couch to 10k app. After week one, this is how I’ve got on:

Run 1: The app says to walk briskly for 5 mins, then alternate 60 sec jogs with 90 sec walks for 20 mins followed by a cool down walk. I managed to fit in 2.1 miles in just under 30 mins, average pace of 14:04 min/miles. I didn’t really enjoy the run, but I knew I’d hate it. I twisted my ankle half way, had a banging headache when I got back and had to take a 90 minute bath followed by a cold shower to recover. Not a great start.

Run 2: Again the run is the same, I took the same route and but increased by average pace to 13:45 min/miles. I much preferred this run as it was raining and I paced myself much better in the first mile. I still took a long bath trying to sort my ankle out from the previous day, but I recovered much quicker.

Run 3: I very stupidly decided it would be a good idea to get up after a night of drinking and eating at a nice restaurant to go for a run – I’d also had serious muscle ache the day before after my first two runs. I thought I’d try a different route and completely mis-judged how many hills there were – hating life. So only managed 1.8 miles, average pace of 13:29 min/miles (think that was all the powering down hills!!) Although I absolutely hated this run, I’m currently sat here contemplating going for a walk with a friend to keep up the activity.

Weight: Start: 13st 7lbs, End: 13st 7lbs. No loss but generally feeling fitter and I haven’t even been attempting to diet this week so happy that the running has counteracted the eating and drinking!

Overall I’m still feeling motivated. I still want to be able to run for 5 mins without stopping. I’m still determined to run this 10k race. Bring on week 2!