Week 2: Couch to 10k

I don’t think I’ve ever stuck at exercise this long before. Normally when it’s a little bit difficult I quit before I even start because, well surely nothing should be this hard. I’ve always struggled with my weight and fitness and when I joined Slimming World it ticked all my boxes because I got to lose weight while sitting on my fat ass eating the foods I loved (in moderation). When I chose to leave Slimming World it was because I got to a point where weight loss was minimal each week and whenever I came off plan for whatever reason on my ‘holidays’ I’d put loads of weight back on again. So this running malarkey has really got me thinking. If I can continue to lose weight and eat crap (I do love a good takeaway) then it’s worth putting in the extra effort. Plus, how good will it feel when I do run that 10k for charity, and not just the charity, but for me.

My second week has been tougher, but not as impossible as I’d thought it would have been. The programme this week has been to do my usual 5 minute warm up walk and then jog 90 seconds and walk 2 minutes for 20 mins. Followed by a cool down walk. I decided this week to save me walking home and then immediately leaving for my run I would take my gear to work and just run home (via a 2 mile route as I actually only work 1/2 mile from my house). So on Tuesday I waited for my workmates to leave (didn’t want too many people seeing my go!) and then I headed out. The route I mapped out was exactly 2 miles, but my will power had to be strong as it meant I had to avoid taking a shortcut which would of cut off a good 1/2 mile towards the end. Safe to say I stuck at it and managed a good run.

Run 2 on Thursday again I was going to head off on the same route from work. As the weather was terrible (it had spoken of snow, but luckily we only got rain and strong winds) it wasn’t the most pleasant run, but I fought against the wind and my asthma kicking off and finished the 2 miles with an average of under 13 minute miles. A personal record and made me feel amazing. So amazing that I thought I would push myself for my third run this week.

Saturday came, I’d planned out a route that was 4 miles around. Double what I have been running for the last 2 weeks and further than I have EVER run in my life. I put on the app telling me when I should be running or walking, but decided that as I’d be out closer to an hour rather than the app’s 30 min course I’d go at my own pace. I kept at it and I loved it. Their were people out walking their dogs who cheered me on (clearly I looked new at this!), 2 miles came and went and only at mile 3 did I feel like giving up (but I was still a mile from my house so that was tough!) I tried to run (by run I mean barely jog) some of the last mile but mostly it was a walk home, but I am still proud of myself for giving it a go. That’s over 6k in only my second week. I’m clearly not as unfit as I thought I was! Plus my average pace was still only 13.5 min miles.

Also this week I had an asthma check up with my nurse. My asthma has already improved, she’s really happy to see my running – she’s even joining the race herself so I’ll probably be running alongside her in May. My clothes are fitting better this week. I’m noticing the difference in my work trousers (that’s an excuse to go shopping if I ever heard one) and when I weighed myself earlier I’ve lost 2.5lbs this week. Not bad since I’ve had pizza, chocolate, cheese and everything else you wouldn’t be able to eat on a diet.

Most importantly I’m still enjoying it. Little things like getting ‘kudos’ on my runs and likes on my Facebook give me the little boost of confidence I need to keep going. It helps that a group of us will run from work – OK I won’t be running with them on the day as they’re all pro runners, but just having them spur me along at the end will be enough. Plus it’s for charity – so I can’t give up now!