What a weekend!

This weekend I packed up the car and headed off to a holiday cottage in Devon for a blogger event that I arranged with work. We spent Friday and Saturday night together and I can honestly say I have never met such a great bunch of ladies before (oh and gent- sorry Raj!). The cottage itself is located just outside of the quiet but quaint village of Bradworthy – I should know I did grow up there.

We all arrived in our droves on Friday afternoon bringing along a lot of luggage and food with us – not that that says anything about the guys of course!! As I went on behalf of work I had a mini full of goodies for everyone to take home as well as a weekend worth of food, clothes and essentials. As you can imagine with two of us packed in the mini and all the luggage there wasn’t a lot of space free to move!

On Friday we had arrived at 3pm to set up the cottage before the cars started to pile in. The cottage Lympscott Barn, was absolutely fantastic! I know I’m bias as I work for holidaycottages.co.uk, but you don’t need to take my word for it, as the other 14 bloggers totally agreed with me. The feature staircase as you enter the cottage was breathtaking and all the cottage features really make the cottage a wonderful place to stay, I wouldn’t change a thing, apart from maybe having a second fridge in the utility room- once we had the wine chilling, there was no space for food!

The second cottage, Beehive was also lovely, but in a completely different way. Its cosy country-farm style, old wooden beams, woodburner and modern touches in the kitchen and bathrooms meant a smaller family can really get a proper working farm getaway in Devon.


Friday evening once everyone arrived was spent nothing more than eating. Everyone had brought food along with them and we dined until we could eat no more. There were cakes and salads, pizza and Spanish omlette, quiche, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, and most importantly waffles! Thanks to the lovely Mummy Barrow and her magic waffle maker! They went down great with the Tennacott Dairy strawberry and cream ice cream.

The bloggers then hit the hot tub – how many bloggers can you fit in a hot tub? 10 apparently, although it did mean there was no water left for day 2! I wasn’t quite as brave as the rest, it was blimmin’ freezing outdoors!

On Saturday we all awoke to a delicious breakfast from Johns of Instow, bacon, sausages, eggs and fresh bread from their breakfast hamper, were just what we needed after all the drinking on Friday night!! Then everyone set off in their own direction for a few hours – once everyone had emerged from bed of course, we had to make the most of a lie in when you have no children/dogs/partners about!


I went and met up with hubby and the dogs for a walk around Tamar Lakes. I was setting up our treasure hunt for the afternoon. After a slow start (hubby got lost and then the dogs were car sick) we finally started off on our trek. 3 miles and 1 and a bit hours later and the hunt was ready – I then spent the next hour waiting for the bloggers and hoping that no one removed any clues in the meantime!


The bloggers arrived in intrepid anticipation of the treasure hunt rhymes that I had been bragging out for months. They quickly had cuddles with Bubble and Squeak and then set off in their teams! The winner’s Kate, Katrina and Alice were overly competitive and very grateful to win – I think everyone else was too just so they didn’t have to hear about it if they lost 😛

We headed back to the cottage to get ready for dinner at Bradworthy Inn, nothing more to say on that than absolutely delicious food – would highly recommend!

After dinner we headed back to the cottage for more wine and our secret santa gift swapping (yes, I know it’s only October!) I got some lovely candles, which are now filling my bedroom with a gorgeous aroma of apple and vanilla 🙂

Sunday morning came and after a quick breakfast we worked as a team to get the cottage back square before our departure at 10am. Then a quick dash home, before soaking away the weekend in a 2 hour long bath! I think I was slightly tired and falling asleep in the bath wasn’t the best idea I had this weekend.

Thanks everyone for a lovely weekend and it was fantastic to meet you all!

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5 thoughts on “What a weekend!

  • 13th October 2015 at 12:36 pm

    Competitive?? Me???? Lol! Such a wonderful weekend Emma and one I will remember for a long time to come. Again, another massive thank you to Holiday Cottages (and you guys) for inviting me x

  • 13th October 2015 at 12:47 pm

    You’re more than welcome Kate! It was a fab weekend and can’t wait to read all your thoughts too 🙂

  • 13th October 2015 at 6:24 pm

    Thank you for all your prep and hard work. It was an amazing weekend in a fantastic cottage. I loved the location too. Thank you very much for having me.

  • 14th October 2015 at 9:58 pm

    you guys did the most amazing job. 14 people that you didn’t know rocked up at your cottage and you absolutely nailed it! well done to you both super super impressed. x

  • 22nd October 2015 at 5:49 pm

    ’tis true, had ‘team triple threat’ not won, you’d have never heard the end of it!!! hehehe. Thank you for such a great weekend, & all the effort both you & Katy went to, it made our weekend a blast! 🙂 xx

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