What Your Dog Worries About

Dogs are highly intelligent, most of the time. We say most of the time because we’re sure you’ve all seen some videos circulating on social media that really don’t put dogs in the best light, here is a compilation of just a few of them! But as a whole, they’re such intelligent creatures, so are we naive to believe that they don’t have thoughts and feelings? You can so clearly tell when a dog is nervous, happy, so can you tell if they’re worried? Sometimes you can on the outside, but dogs show their worry more internally. You may see signs on the outside such as a bad stomach. So, to keep your dog worry free, these are the main things we think they worry about.

Health Irritations

We’ve said dogs are extremely intelligent, but they aren’t intelligent enough to know exactly what is wrong with their body. Instead they’ll see them are irritations that are getting in the way of their happy lives. For example, one massive irritation that any dog is bound to get if not properly protected is fleas. Imagine the feeling of head lice as a child if you ever had them, now imagine it times 10 on a dog. It would be so irritating, and just a little treatment every few months will protect them from every having them. For example, you’ve got Bravecto for Dogs & Cats: 12-Week Flea & Tick Protection from PetBucket that will give your dog three whole months worth of protection, from ticks as well! It’s a no brainer, and it really doesn’t cost that much. Trust us, the vets bill to try and get rid of fleas or ticks would cost a lot more, especially if you leave them for a while and your beloved dog becomes ill from them.

Other Dog Worries

The way in which your dog interacts with other dogs will depend on their personality and the experience they’ve had with dogs in the past. Just because they seem all confident on the outside, don’t believe that they’re not worried on the inside, especially of dogs that might be bigger than them. Look for signs of cowering, and literally look for panic in their face. You can see their expression change, it can be so sad to look at. If you notice this, slowly get in between your dog and the other to create a gap, and guide your dog away. Just like it would be intimidating for you to walk past a gang of people, a big dog is their dog version of a big gang of people!

Owner Anger

Dogs are so fine tuned to human emotions, why do you think they’re used for things such as therapy in hospitals! They can sense happiness, sadness, and most of all, anger. You don’t want your dog to fear you, it’s all about respect. If you’re trying to discipline, try and change your tone ever so slightly rather than full on screaming and shouting. Never fully hit a dog either. Just like you feel pain, they do to, and it can often be rather distressing to them.  Train them with rewards rather than discipline and you’ll get so much more out of them in terms of obedience and love.