Woodbury Park Hotel and Spa – A Review

First I want to make it clear from the start that I was no way asked to write this review, they didn’t even know I was a blogger when I went. I paid in full for my day as it was part of my friends hen do. I just enjoyed my day so much I wanted to tell all my lovely readers about it!

So to set the scene, my best friend who’s getting married wanted a spa day for her hen do. A lot of research went into a number of Devon spa days to make sure we made the most of the day and got the most of our money. If you live in Devon you know that there aren’t many good spa days around. Either they are very pricey, or the ‘spa’ just has a pool.

Anyway, we found Woodbury online, £75pp for a their spa day including tea and coffee on arrival, an hour treatment, use of the facilities all day, a buffet lunch with a glass of Prosecco, and afternoon tea and coffee before departure. Not a bad price at all and for 17 of us it was a bargain to all get together. The Event Manager even hired us a private room for the day for free so we could have a meeting place and not have to worry about putting all our things in lockers. We also had dinner booked separately so the private room was perfect so we could chill out before dinner was served.

The Spa:


I love a good spa day and I was really looking forward to seeing what facilities Woodbury had to offer. I was really impressed. The leisure centre had 2 changing rooms, a wet side and a dry side, so you could change for the gym without having to stand on a wet pool room floor. I am not very active so the thought of going to the gym on a spa day did not entice me! A few others ventured up there and said it was well equipped and had all you’d need as either a regular user or for just the day.

Downstairs, through the wet changing room was the pool. Around the pool the facilities also had a sauna and hot tub, which we took full advantage of. It said there was a recommended time limit on the hot tub – but I ignored and spent most of the afternoon in here!

The Treatments:

As the spa day was a special treat for me and the bride, I bought us both an extra pedicure treatment on top of our full body massages. The massage was so relaxing. There’s not much you can say about a massage, it’s the same in most places, but the staff were lovely, my therapist, Amy, knew exactly how much to talk to me, and when I just wanted to lie quietly. She had the best pressure and worked around my sprained ankle perfectly so I didn’t have any pain.


She left the room at the end so I could compose myself, get dressed and head down to the nail bar. Here the bride and I had a joint session pedicure where we talked weddings for an hour! Amy and the bride’s therapist were both really engaged and were happy chatting away with us about any old rubbish. I felt very sorry for Amy as I have the most ridiculously ticklish feet, so whenever she filed, touched, or moved around my feet I squirmed. Not so good with a pedicure!

We both left feeling relaxed and ready for the rest of the day.

The Food:

I’ve had spa days in the past where a light lunch consisted of a salad and if you’re lucky some kind of pasta dish. This was definitely not the case. No one knew what to expect, but when we came in to a selection of sandwiches, pizzas, brownies, chips, salads, smoked salmon, as well as a whole load of other food that I hadn’t a clue what it was, we were all pleasantly surprised. It was all delicious, even the stuff I had no clue what it was. Plus the bonus of our spa day was a glass of Prosecco to wash it all down. Just what we need to keep us going for the afternoon!

Dinner was even better, we’d preordered from a set menu, I’d chosen Warm chargrilled Cajun chicken served on a bed of Caesar Salad for my starter, followed by Salmon en croute with cream cheese and spinach with saffron potatoes and finished with Belgian chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. I must admit the starter I struggled to eat, but that was nothing to do with the food, it was lovely, but after lunch I was still full and worried with it only being the first course! When the main dish came out I devoured it – got my appetite back! Finally the dessert, well I knew I wouldn’t be leaving a speck of this on the plate! It was gone in minutes, and I hoped someone else would leave theirs – they didn’t!

The end of the evening came, after a few intense rounds of Who Am I (for the record I was Johnny Wilkinson, Hugh Grant, and someone else that I chose to forget because it was so hard!), we all went our separate ways counting down the days until we’d see each other next on the big day in June!

Not long now!

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