10 uses for Quark

Firstly, not many people know what Quark is….it’s a soft low fat cheese that is perfect for baking and cooking into sauces. It is so versatile and has a lot of uses in various recipes. Here are my top 10 uses for Quark and yummy recipes to try out on the Slimming World diet! For cheese lovers who are finding it hard to give up cheese, or those who are finding it hard giving up something sweet, there’s something for you all!

  1. Quark Cream – Stir a teaspoon of sweetener into a tablespoon of Quark for a fat syn-free cream!
  2. Quark Pancakes – I already did a post on these so feel free to try them out!
  3. Pasta Carbonara – Stir a tablespoon of Quark into cooked pasta until covered, for an added extra cook some garden peas or chop lean bacon into it.
  4. Mix with equal amounts of fromage frais and greek yoghurt, mix with your porridge or oats as an alternative to milk!
  5. Baileys Mocha Syllabub – this is just one I found online and my god it’s yummy!!
  6. Stir into cooking sauces to add flavour and texture
  7. Stir into warm soup to make creamier
  8. Add Nutella to quark for an amazingly creamy chocolate mousse – put into fridge to set!
  9. Some people use it as a replacement for white sauce in Lasagne – I haven’t tried this one but if it’s healthier it’s worth a shot!
  10. My absolute favourite is a low fat cheesecake – there are hundreds of recipes that I want to try for this, so I will feedback once I have found one I truly believe in!