11 hilarious dog videos you have to see!

We sometimes do silly things, many, many things! Mummy and daddy love to laugh at us so we thought why not collate some of our favourite funny dog videos for your amusement. We’re not in them all – but we think they’re funny none-the-less. Here’s our top 11 hilarious dog videos – try not to cry with laughter, go on we dare you!

  1. One of our most favourite of all time – this video is apparently the reason mummy came to love pugs and got us!

  1. This dalmation dances better than we do!

  1. We can relate!

  1. This for some reason makes mummy and daddy laugh out loud everytime they see it!


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  1. We’re not sure why this man won’t play with this poor dog – but mummy finds it funny.

  1. BATH TIME! Yep we agree!

  1. Fail.

  1. Since daddy installed wood floors, this is us everyday!

  1. Dilly can’t keep up with us!

Dilly the Jack Russell can’t keep up with us #catchusifyoucan #dogsofinstagram

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  1. A few more pugs for your amusement!

  1. Finally some puppy cuteness!

Check back next week – you never know we might have featured in a film of our own by then!!