50 things to give up for lent

It’s nearly lent and every year I say I’m going to give up something to help my health or my lifestyle and every year by day 1 I give up or forget. There was an embarrassing moment one year when I ate a mini egg before realising 3 hours later it contained chocolate! So this year while googling to find a list of things I could give up for lent I thought why not compile my own list of thingsĀ to give up for lent! Then every year will make it easier to decide!

  1. Chocolate
  2. Sugar
  3. Crisps
  4. Cheese
  5. Smoking
  6. Watching TV
  7. Sweets
  8. Fizzy drinks
  9. Sitting down for more than 1 hour a night
  10. Eating between meals
  11. Meat
  12. Alcohol
  13. Carbs
  14. White bread
  15. Sex!
  16. Salt
  17. Cake
  18. Brand name products
  19. Facebook/Social media
  20. Emails (apart from work!)
  21. Biscuits
  22. Takeaways
  23. Dinners out
  24. Buying lunch from a shop
  25. Pizza
  26. Being sarcastic
  27. Emojis
  28. Impatience
  29. Feelings of fear
  30. Blame
  31. Negativity
  32. Coffee
  33. Tea
  34. Shopping
  35. Blogging!
  36. Road rage
  37. Lying
  38. Swearing
  39. Procrastinating
  40. Fighting
  41. Video games
  42. Going to bed late
  43. Sleeping in longer than normal
  44. Getting up too early
  45. Missing deadlines
  46. Being disrespectful
  47. Weighing yourself
  48. Sharing your exercise routes on social media
  49. Getting a kebab after a night out
  50. Pancakes!

If you have any more suggestions on what to give up, or what you’re giving up then comment below as we wanted to do 101 but couldn’t think of 51 more!