8 Ways to Make your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxury Hotel Room

You may have seen that we recently renovated our bedroom, well we tried to keep the style of the bedroom to the upmost luxury because lets face it holidays are an expensive business. Most of us can only afford one a year! If your bank balance can only stretch to a staycation, why should we have to miss out on the luxury of a hotel room too? Bring the five-star experience home and transform your master bedroom into a bijou boudoir with these easy steps.

Luxury hotel style bed

A statement bed is the hallmark of any hotel room. Ideally, it should be a plush king size mattress with memory foam to provide unrivaled comfort and support. Four-poster style beds ooze with sophistication. Stylish headboards can transform a plain bedroom. Place a bold statement wallpaper print behind the headboard for a bolder focal point.

A relaxing fragrance

Reed oil diffusers or premium quality soy candles offer sensual aromas on a budget. Change the fragrances every few weeks to keep your bedroom feeling refreshed. Use this simple guide to choose a perfect fragrance for every room in your home.

Luxury bed sheets and pillows

Take inspiration from the hotels you’ve already visited. Pick cotton sheets with a high thread count. Use matching cushions in various patterns and shades for a plush effect. A printed throw can tie the colour scheme together. Stick to plain duvet covers in natural colours. Patterned covers will be too distracting.

Always tidy up after yourself

Housekeeping can seem like a distant luxury. But that’s no excuse for not tidying your bedroom! Ensure all clothes end up back in the wardrobe. Make your bed as soon as you get up. Plump up your pillows every day. Never leave empty drinking glasses on the bedside table. Become your own housekeeping service by tidying as you go.

VIP accessories

The lavish details are exactly what make a hotel room such a pleasure to stay in. Personalised Waffle Dressing Gowns will make you feel like you’ve just checked into the premier suite of an exotic resort. Functional accessories such as alarm clocks should be chosen carefully, so they blend into the background. Fresh flowers will also bring a VIP element to your bedroom.

Co-ordinated interior themes

Select a colour scheme and apply it throughout the room. The bedding and curtains must match in true hotel style. Ornaments and accessories all need to match the theme too. For example, decide on whether you are going to pick gold OR silver trims. An authentic hotel-inspired bedroom will also follow the mirror rule- two bedside tables, two lamps, etc.

Treat yourself to new towels and toiletries

Buy holiday-sized versions of luxury shampoo and shower gels. It’s a bit of a novelty, but it’s what everyone loves about a hotel stay! Swap scruffy towels for brand new fluffy ones. It will make up for the lack of en-suite.

Add an occasional chair or chaise longue

The ultimate accessory for any hotel-inspired bedroom is an upholstered chair. Opulent fabrics and bold patterns are a must for master bedrooms. A good quality chair will last for years to come. Simply cover with a throw blanket if you ever want to re-decorate.