A new downstairs toilet!

Our first little project in our new house, was the downstairs toilet, we thought we’d better start small, nothing like overdoing it!

It’s the little things that make me smile and having a new downstairs toilet is one of those things. It’s not a new loo¬†as that was in good condition, but it is a new colour, tidied up and made a bit more ‘girlie’, but at least it’s blue for G4L. I think the pug on a throne overlooking the toilet probably isn’t very ‘manly’ though?

We didn’t make many changes. A quick lick of paint (if you’re interested the paint we used was Dulux First Dawn and B&Q own brilliant white paint), a new bathroom set and light switch handle. Then all that was required were a few homely touches from me to smarten it up. Although I say it was a small project, I broke my wrist just after I started this and G4L ended up finishing it himself, which included spending 6 hours brasso’ing the toilet roll holder!! I do love that boy!

Now my wrist just needs to heal before I get started on the next room!

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