A relaxing spa break in Cornwall

Last weekend I took a weekend away to catch up with two friends. We try to get together a few times a year and this weekend we’d arranged a relaxing spa break in Cornwall. We wanted to go somewhere on the north coast as it would be around half way between our three houses.

Where did we stay?

Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa offered us the best package in the Newquay area. Just £90 for the Indulgence spa day package, which included welcome drinks in their relaxation room, an 85 minute aromatherapy treatment (more on that below), afternoon tea and full use of the spa facilities. Not a bad price in comparison to others in the area, especially as you get the extra long treatment (some only offer 30 minute facials) and you are free to use the facilities from 10am until 6pm if you wish, although we stayed overnight too so as residents we were able to stay all day.


The Hotel
So the hotel itself has recently been renovated and I can honestly say it’s stunning. The decor is modern and very luxurious. When walking in from the miserable weather and into the reception area you are welcomed with smiley faces and a very well lit reception desk. The receptionist kindly checked us in and gave us all the information we need for our overnight stay – you’re given your key and sent off to your room, either up the grand staircase in reception or if inundated with luggage there is a small lift through the bar area. We had a gorgeous family-sized room on the second floor looking over Fistral beach. We’d been warned in advance that as they needed to set up the sofa bed in the room in advance it may be a little tight on space in the room with three of us in there; that definitely was not the case! The room was large enough with both the king size and sofa bed set up. The room was light and airy and beautifully decorated. As soon as we entered and got the “ooo’s” and “aaahhh’s” out of the way it was time to explore – and by explore I mean snoop through all the drawers and take photos of the view!


Parking can be a bit tight at the hotel, they only have a small car park, but off peak you can park on the roadside easily with no charge. I left my car on the road with no problems at all. I guess during the summer you can pay to park in the long stay car park opposite, but this would mean paying, so the earlier you can get to the hotel the better to avoid parking charges.

The Spa
When we checked in for our spa day, we were presented with an itinerary of our day (very nicely displayed on a small card) and a description of where everything could be found. The spa is situated on three floors, but there is a lift to save you carrying your belongings up and down the three flights of stairs. We were given our robes and slippers, which were free for our use during the day and just inside the spa entrance there were spare towels. On the ground floor there was a well-equipped fitness suite (we didn’t get to use this, but more out of choice than time!), the first floor had the changing rooms with pool, sauna, steam room and hot tub, the second floor was just treatment rooms, and finally up on the third floor was the relaxation room and spa desk. This is where we headed first after changing. We wanted a proper catch up, so an hour before our treatments we headed upstairs for a quiet gossip and a cuppa in our robes and slippers.


Later on in the day we headed up to the pool and made the most of the facilities. Moving from steam room to sauna to hot tub to pool to sauna to steam room (you get the gist!). The pool was relatively quiet as it was a November weekend so not too many people about. We didn’t do much swimming as that seemed like too much energy to waste on a relaxing weekend, so spent more time in the hot tub chatting! As you can tell chatting was very much a theme of our weekend!

The Treatment
Included in the Indulgence Spa Day Package was an Indulgence treatment, on the website it describes it as:

“a back cleanse and exfoliation followed by a full body exfoliation and aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage to nurture the body, release tension and calm the mind. Your body will then be cocooned in a comforting wrap whilst you continue to relax with a calming oriental scalp massage”

It was bliss! You start with your welcome foot ritual – basically they give you a foot rub while you discuss any issues you have with skin, allergies etc. So you’re already feeling relaxed before you even sit on the bed. Then they leave the room so you can undress and don the very fetching disposable pants – this saves your underwear from getting covered in the oils and creams!

Then you are exfoliated, rubbed, massaged and wrapped for nearly 90 minutes. I luckily didn’t fall asleep, but I am considering getting hubby to wrap me in a cocoon each night from now on to help me sleep! We were all so relaxed and headed back to the relaxation room for a quick chill out before our afternoon tea!

The Dune Restaurant
As part of our package we had afternoon tea included, with a big selection of teas (seriously, they come in a little box to choose from!), sandwiches, cakes, scones and obviously jam and cream. We started by choosing our tea – I had White Pear and Ginger, I’m not normally a fan of fruit tea, but it was lovely – very light, which makes a change with ginger teas. Sam had a Wild Fruit Compilation and Rosie played it safe with coffee, she was a little too tired after her massage!

Then we started inspecting the amazing selection of food in front of us. We started with the sandwiches, salmon, ham and mustard, and egg, all on white and brown bread. That took no time at all to finish, then it was onto the scones, here’s where the fight started. OK, not really, but we did have a debate about which way was better – I stuck with Devon, and had cream then jam, they both made a big mess and had jam then cream! Approximately 30 seconds later (yes, it was really gone that quickly!) we delved into the cakes! It seemed to be a pile of all-sorts, from memory there was a jam tart, brownie, truffles, flapjack and meringue, I may have forgotten something though as it seemed like loads – we definitely couldn’t eat it all!

The next morning we also had breakfast in the restaurant and although we didn’t over indulge too much (too full from the day before) we did all have a version of Eggs Benedict, of which were cooked to perfection! There is also a continental buffet too with juices, cereals, yoghurts and much to our excitement chocolate mini muffins!

The Bay Bar
After our relaxing spa day we didn’t feel like we needed a big meal in the restaurant, so we settled for a bar snack instead. We headed down to The Bay Bar for drinks and browsed the menu deciding what to have. I settled on the Corn fed chicken burger – not expecting to receive a full breast of chicken in a bun with all sorts of salad bits and skinny fries. I’m very proud to say I ate the lot – but did struggle for a minute! The others had a venison burger with skinny fries and Salt and Pepper Squid with a side order of fries. There were some happy tums by the end of it!

We carried on drinking our bottle of wine while overlooking the beach and watching some fireworks as they were set off across the coast.


Overall we had an amazing weekend and were totally relaxed by the end of it. I couldn’t fault a thing and will definitely be heading back sometime soon!

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