Are You Kitchen Efficient?

Working in the kitchen is something we do day by day, in a variety of ways: you can make an excellent breakfast, an even better dinner, sit down at the table and tap away, or even have a good natter with a friend. However, are you as organized and efficient in your kitchen as you really could be?

You can redesign and redecorate your kitchen to your heart’s content, but are you really getting enough use out of it? Similarly, is your kitchen quite literally a huge waste of space? If you’re worried about the state arguably the main room in your house is in, this is the post for you. It’s time to become kitchen efficient! Here’s a couple of quick tips for you to use in your home.

Stock Your Cupboards Better

Depending on how you run around your kitchen, make sure you’re stocking your cupboards in the same direction you tend to take. If you have the kind of kitchen that makes you run clockwise around it (common for people with islands in the middle and sinks to the left of the cooker with the fridge behind you), you’re going to want to keep the plates right next to your hob.

At the same time, make sure the traffic direction in your kitchen both makes sense for you and is kid friendly. Even if you don’t have kids, accounting for their presence means there’s less to trip over, bang into, or even simply spill. If you have stools under the island, make sure they’re always tucked in; after all, a lot of people love the use of a breakfast bar.

Get a Little Cheaper

Being a little cheaper with your use of the kitchen not only means saving money, but your carbon footprint and your food waste at the same time. One simple way to cut down the costs of running a kitchen, and thus making you a lot more efficient in it is to keep your hob temperatures on the lower side so you don’t burn the bottom of your pans.

And that makes them last longer and cook your food a lot better! No more taking the risk of salmonella when you cut open the strip of chicken because you fried it.

It also might be an idea to look into the products offered by Tonbridge Fuels to get some more use out of your stove and oven. This is an especially good idea if you’re the proud owner of an aga, considering they’re constantly heated and running! Conserving as much energy as you can, with a payment plan that you can actually afford is always a winning combination.

Your kitchen works for you and no one else, so try to make it easier to navigate through. You can save a lot of time and energy when you simply put some thought into the layout, and reorganization can add that missing sense of balance into your life that a lot of us think we’re missing.