Celebrating the South West of England!

It is the largest of England’s regions, and full of some of the most beautiful spots the UK has to offer, with incredible cities, enchanting small towns and truly breathtaking nature, it is hard not to gush when talking about the part of England I am lucky enough to call home. Here are just some of the reasons we should be celebrating the Southwest.


The famed Banksy’s hometown, Bristol has been named the best city in the UK to live and work in! Of course there are many reasons why living in Bristol is great- full of culture, great places to eat and beautiful architecture to name just a few. As for why it’s so great working here- this might be because there are a lot of great jobs in Bristol on offer for young professionals, or those looking to expand or change their careers. Along with this massive draw, it also happens to be an extremely beautiful place to live- from the food to the shopping to the nightlife, Bristol has a lot to offer its residents. It has been hailed a small city that seems big, and a welcome change to London. It’s no wonder why people are moving here like crazy.

Incredible Beaches


The Southwest happens to be pretty heavy in beaches. This is what makes the region such an attractive holiday destination. The fact that it is the farthest South you can get in the country, it offers Britain’s warmest beaches. The seaside towns are great to stroll and get tea in often incredibly picturesque locations. Families are more than welcome and there are plenty of options for a fun time at the beach particularly during the summer.

Devonshire Tea

What is England without tea? Well, when traveling the Southwest you must try the Devonshire cream tea. It is the best tea in the country, and why not go big or go home. In Devon, there are plenty of delicious cream tea options for an unforgettable afternoon enjoying fresh scones, clotted cream and a good brew!

Cornish Pasties

Cornwall is an enchanting place in the country, that plenty of people flock to for a holiday of a lifetime. One of the many reasons that draws visitors to Cornwall are for the world famous pasties. The traditional pasty has now become a protected food in order to prevent poor imitations, but if the traditional beef isn’t your thing you can find all different types of pasties, with different ingredients, so be sure you have time to try them all!


One of the Seven Wonders of the World is conveniently located near Salisbury, drawing thousands of people visiting per day. It is a must see, and remains a mysterious and fascinating site. Believed to have been constructed between  from 3000 BC to 2000 BC this ancient site has become a legend of folklore and is a UNESCO protected property.


People flock to this festival from all over the world. If you haven’t heard of it not you must have been living under a rock for years. Famous worldwide for the incredible musical lineups every year, as well as the artistic and creative atmosphere and admittedly- a lot of mud, Glastonbury music festival is something you really have to experience at least once in your life!


While the Southwest is one of the most beautiful places full of natural appeal, it also offers a couple of big cities like Exeter and Devon in which the shopping is some of the best in the country. Head to their city center’s for some quality retail therapy (or window-shopping) and a wonderful lunch in the city centre.


There is no shortage of educational options in the Southwest of England. There are so many culture and heritage sites to visit, along with some amazing museums in Bristol, Exeter, and Devon.

Visiting the Southwest is a nice idea for visitors who want to avoid the usual tourist traps of London or Edinburgh, and people can see a completely different side to England and learn a lot about the country’s ancient and fascinating history.