Dining Room Makeover

Our biggest challenge when we bought our house, other than the jungle we call a garden, was our dining room makeover. To the ‘normal’ person it may have looked ok. It was in good condition apart from needing a lick of paint. However, the fussy one…(that’s me) and the more fussy one (that’s the other half!) decided we didn’t like the cladding. So the day after Boxing Day (well we didn’t want to ruin Christmas!) we started destroying and tearing down the walls.

dining room makeover

and on the 27th December it looked like this…

dining room makeover
Disaster zone springs to mind!

So we then had the job of plastering to add to our list – and what’s more we had to live like this for 8 weeks because the plasterer was too busy doing his own house until the end of February! So 8 + 1 week for drying later and we had lovely smooth walls!

Then we had the mission jobs of adding coving (my tip…it’s a nightmare – don’t do it!), painting, laminate and skirting boards and finally it looks like this…



Yes, it took 7 months, but it was totally worth it – I’m so glad we didn’t just paint the wood cladding. If I’ve taken 3 things from this project I would say:

  • Make sure you prebook a plasterer before you start ripping walls down!
  • Prepare all your materials before you start so you don’t have to wait to go shopping for coving or skirting or electric sockets have way through the build
  • and finally – book a spa day half way through – it will help the stress levels and help avoid arguments!!

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