The Dos and Don’ts of Organising a Girls Holiday

At first, the idea of having a holiday with all your best girlfriends, a chance to get some sun, have fun and have a real bonding experience sounds amazing. But as with every holiday, some problems can arise. To avoid any big fallouts or broken friendships, because actually having a girl’s holiday can genuinely give you some of the best memories of your life, you just have to watch out for some classic mistakes.

To help in the planning process, here are a few tips to help ensure your girls holiday runs smoothly.


Do talk only about the desired destination and budget you are all working with. And be prepared to compromise particularly if some people can’t quite afford what you were hoping for.

Do share responsibility for the planning so everyone gives input and the stress doesn’t get put on just one person. Yes, one person might be the one to print tickets and book the taxi to the airport- but don’t let anyone get overwhelmed with too many jobs.

Organising a Girls Holiday

Do consider renting a villa so everyone has more space and privacy. For example, looking for a beach holiday in Sicily? Companies like Wishsicily rent locally owned villas that could be perfect for your group travel. More than one bathroom, private space, full kitchen? Yes please.

Do pack an electrical multi-outlet so everyone can charge their phones and reading devices while others can plug in their hair tools and get ready. Not worth arguing over who gets to wake up with a full battery for a camera.

Do some research about the area you are going to. Have some restaurant ideas and things to do so you don’t spend a ton of time searching online while you are actually on holiday. Although, asking locals for their suggestions is also a good idea.

Do be flexible so that everyone can make sure they can do what they want to do. It is holiday after all. Remember that everyone does not have to be together at every second, the group can split so those who want an excursion can head out whilst others lounge by the pool.

Do have a final itinerary that you send out to everyone. While a lot of planning gets done by group text, be sure to keep everyone updated and in the loop, especially for the big decisions. After everything has been booked, send out a final itinerary so everyone has the hotel address, etc. to reference back to.

Do be sure everyone has the local city and emergency numbers programmed into their phones before arrival, and make a plan in case someone gets lost- where to meat, who to call etc…


Don’t plan every minute of every day. Some flexibility is needed in case someone gets a sunburn and doesn’t want to go kayaking one day, or someone just wants to hang out by the pool instead of going on a boat trip.

Don’t shy away from the money discussion prior to arrival. Decide how you want to pay for meals, etc. before you leave. It is much better to avoid the awkward “but my meal costs less than hers”.

Organising a Girls Holiday

Don’t say you are comfortable with sleeping on a rollaway bed if you are not. It’s better to say something in the planning stages and be sure everyone has a bed than to show up at your lodging spot and be grumpy about having to sleep on a sofa bed while your friends all have a comfortable mattress.

Don’t arrive at your destination with no idea what is around. Be mindful of where you are going and how far away you want your accommodation to be. Know you are going to want to relax and have a few drinks? Book your accommodation accordingly so getting home is safe.

Don’t let small issues become big ones. You’re going to have to let some things go entirely in order to retain the peace, but if you have something you really need to get out do it calmly and without creating a big problem by allowing yourself to get more and more wound up.

If you follow these tips, and are willing to bite your tongue at times and go with the majority, you can have an absolutely amazing holiday that will absolutely cement your friendship forever.