Feature Wallpaper

We’re now half way through the process of completing our new lounge but I just wanted to give you a snapshot of one of the walls! While decorating the rest of the lounge this particular wall became an issue, as it needed completely plastering over the horrible wood cladding. I changed my mind about this wall three times while doing the other walls – whether I wanted it painted the feature wall blue, the grey/silver colour or have wallpaper which tied it all in together with my curtains. I only finally decided about a week before when I found the perfect wallpaper in B&M home stores. Normal wallpaper was going to cost us around £20 a roll (well the stuff I liked did!) and as we needed 2 rolls that’s a very expensive wall! So when I found this paper for just £7.99 my mind was finally made up!!

I’ve never done any wallpapering in my life and G4L has only done it once (I made him practice on his grandparents walls first!) so we knew it would be a challenge. We had our 2 rolls of paper, a packet of Solvite wallpaper paste and a pasting table we’d borrowed, so off we went! We’d done a mist coat of watered down emulsion over the plaster to make sure it stuck – we didn’t bother sizing the wall as we googled it to find out if we needed both and we thought we’d take the risk not to bother! We then got stuck in – we started by marking the first line with a pin and a piece of string hung from the ceiling. That way we had a nice straight line to start from. Annoyingly we had to start from the dark side of the room as the door is in the way so our shadows are wrong, but as it’s only 1 wall we think we’ve got away with it!

The wallpaper went up relatively easy, the paste was great it didn’t dry out too quickly. We even managed to take a trip to KFC for lunch in between to keep our stress levels down. A note to everyone renovating: wallpapering = arguments!! My top tip for wallpapering – if your hubby has offered to do it – leave the house, then you can’t be blamed when it all starts going wrong!!

So this is the wall before:


When freshly plastered:


And the final wall! Who likes the colours – it’s just a little sneak peak into what the whole lounge will look like!


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