Giving Your Home A Summer Makeover

Weeks of sunshine, green grass, and ditzy bumblebees in the flowers are often enough to make everyone slightly giddy with glee. However, just like at Christmas when the festive furniture comes out and the decor goes up, the best thing about this time of the year is being able to redecorate and bring a little of that summer sunshine inside the house.

Generally speaking, summertime is the perfect time for home improvements. The weather is better, which makes throwing open the windows to dry the paint a much better experience. Also, you can enjoy building your furniture and redecorating the house knowing that you have a season of fun ahead of you. When it comes to your summer home improvements, we’ve got some excellent tips to get your house ready for heat, light and a little relaxation!

Fake It Til You Make It!

You want to be lounging around your garden, not slaving away maintaining it. Summer should be for spending time on your sun lounger, and to do that you need to be able to fake it in the garden. Reclaim your time for yourself, and opt for fake grass instead of the real thing. Not only will you dodge the water hose bans over the summer, you’ll have a garden that remains lush and green all year round.

Spruce Up The Windows

The windows are the eyes of the home, and what better way for your windows to look good than with the best blinds from the local blinds store? Curtains are so winter, and you are in summer, so embrace the blinds that will make your windows brighten right up!

Switch Out Colors

The heavy winter cushions in red and navy are cozy and suit the colder months, but they’re not the best look when you want that brighter look for your home in the summer. Swapping the dull colors for brighter yellows and pastels can make a massive difference to your living space. This can extend throughout the house too, as the lighter your decor, the more colorful it all looks.

Deep Clean

The one uncomfortable truth about sunbeams is that while they are excellent for bringing happiness and light, they also show up all the dust in the house. A deep clean is necessary when the weather warms up, so it’s time to dust off those skirting boards and clean the floors in a way you haven’t managed to in a while. Shampooing the carpets and polishing the hardwood is more comfortable in the summer as you can throw the windows open and let everything dry quickly. Deep cleaning is good for the soul as well as the house, so get those marigolds on.

Your house can be as summery as you like this season, but you need a little time and effort going into it. Brighten up the place, open up the garden and give yourself an excuse to go hopping – as if you needed one at all!