Homemade dog toys – saving the world!

Since we came to live with mummy and daddy we’ve worked our way through 2 bones, 3 tennis balls, endless rope toys, 3 beds (we chew these as toys), 2 rubber toys and lots and lots of tissues! Mummy said we weren’t being very economical so she showed us (well she did it! and we waited with bated breath to play with them) how to make homemade dog toys that are free (or next to nothing) to make. There are loads more online but here’s a few we tried out.

Old t-shirt rope toy

Daddy had an old t-shirt and mummy cut alternative lines from top to bottom and bottom to top into it (making sure she didn’t cut all the way through) and it turned into one long piece of fabric. She then cut it into 3 lengths of all the same size and tied them together in a knot on one end.

Next she made a pretty pattern with the ropes, she called it a plait. When she got to the end she tied another knot to finish it off and then let us loose! It only lasted a few hours, but at least it was free!

Bottle in a sock

This one was really easy to make! Mummy just put one of her empty bottles of water into one of daddy’s old socks (daddy does have many new clothes!). She secured it with a knot, but she said you could quickly sew it if there wasn’t much space to tie it.

Bottled treats

More empty bottles needed now! Mummy cut a few small holes in a bottle and put some treats inside and then popped the lid back on. Then it was up to us to figure out how to get our treats out! Took us ages!

Other ideas

A few other things we’ve seen people share in the past include putting treats inside an empty cardboard box and sealing it (hours of messy cardboard fun!), putting a tennis ball in a sock and closing with an elastic band and then shredding the tail end to make a flying octopus, and using an old pair of jeans to make a virtually indestructible knot ball!

We’d love to see your pictures if you’ve made any homemade toys!