Life For Rent: Making The Most Of Living In A Rental Property

It is certainly one of the biggest banes of modern living. When you live in a rental property, you might not be able to get everything you want in there. You’ll have to ask the landlord if you can bring a pet into the household, or ask permission to hammer a nail into the wall. And it’s all of these things that can feel like you are hemmed in somewhat. And it can take the shine off it, especially if you’ve been trying to get your own place for a long time. But, let’s provide you with some ways to make the place feel more your own, and make the most of living in a rental situation.

Knowing Your Rights

It’s surprising how many people don’t know their rights as tenants. A lot of people sign the contract and think that they can’t breathe without asking permission. There are also concerns when it comes to things like rising rents. But this is where legal help like Keoghs Solicitors can help you. If you have disputes with your landlord, they are hiking up the prices too much, or you feel that you cannot do a thing, it’s important that you know your rights. But also, be sure to read the contract. There are aspects of any rental contract that can seem unreasonable, but also, because there have been so many changes in regulations over the last year, specifically with admin fees, you need to know exactly what you are in for, but also, what your rights are. You have more than you think!

Remember The Positives Of Renting

We can struggle to see the positives, especially if we are annoyed that we can’t save for a deposit. A lot of people think that renting is a waste of money. But you have to look at the situation subjectively. Even though you are renting, and perhaps all your money is going into this, when it comes to something like a burst pipe, or problems with the property, it’s not your responsibility! Something like the boiler is a very good example. It can cost an arm and a leg to replace it, and as it’s essential, not to mention a legal requirement, your landlord needs to have it replaced. Yes, it can be frustrating having that back and forth with the letting agents, especially when there’s a problem that needs isolating over a number of visits by various contractors, but when you think about the finances of renting in comparison to owning property, you may actually be better off renting. When it comes to buying a property, you need to have a working boiler and all of those secure components in place. But when you rent a property, this is not your responsibility. And so, just as long as you ask the landlord permission you are able to get more out of it!

You Can Make The Place Your Own  

Just as long as you put it back to the way it was before you move out you can do whatever you want with the property. There are exceptions to the rule, but when you live in a property long-term and you establish yourself as a reliable tenant, you can decorate the property as you want, just as long as you ask permission. But also, when you move out, you need to look at the contract to see if you you need to do certain things to get it back to the way it was. It’s not always essential. But, a lot of the time, especially now with the changes in laws, you don’t get charged through the nose for something like cleaning the property. The way used to be, a landlord would use a cleaner to make the property spotless, even though you already did this. This is extra money out of your pocket, and a lot of frustration if you need your bond back quickly! But if you are renting a property long-term, you can make the place your own, and just as long as you are asking permission, and you are are you able to put the property back to the way it was, there is no issue! Besides, if you are looking to raise a family, and you want your rental property to be a long-term home, this can help tip the balance. Perhaps you can start to save money to buy the property outright. This is something that can take a long time, but when you live in a rental property, and you’ve been there a long time, there is always that thought that maybe the landlord will turf you out in a couple of months time! Always be sure to sign a year-long contract or get a contract for as long as humanly possible. 

A lot of people have no choice but to live in a rental property, and in fact, do so for most of their lives. It’s not just a problem of Generation Rent; even baby boomers had to do it! So if they could make the most of it, surely we can as well?