London’s Calling You For A Cultural Adventure

In all honesty, do all holidays and travels have to be in a sunny place? If you’re the type of person, who doesn’t think so, well London’s calling. One of the best places in the world when it comes to history and tradition, the United Kingdom is a prime example of mixing old and new. London is the heart of the nation; it’s the financial center of the world. For those visiting the city for the first time, it’s best to stay within one part as it’s got everything mushed in together. Zone 1 is where some of the best of the best reside. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for high-class fashion, a lesson in history, exploring the discoveries of science, or tickling your palate with the finest food in the world; zone 1 has it all. You’ll be playing a bit of cat and mouse however as this part is a tourist trap. Yet wherever you go in central London, there’s always a hidden gem here and there.

Cultural bathing

The V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) is one of if not the most popular destinations for those who love cultural examination. It’s an art and design museum that has exhibits that detail and document the progression of fashion, photography, textiles, furniture, decor, jewelry, ceramics and of course, fine art. From the very early stages of modern fashion to the modern day of innovation and overabundance of form, one can study how human beings have changed the way we all dress. Through the lens, you’ll be watching how the technology of cameras has evolved but also, the philosophy of what it means to capture life. The creation and advancement of manmade materials allow you to understand how versatile fine detail can be.

Approved dining

After all the site seeing you’re going to need to refuel before you head out again. The great thing about London is that the streets are narrow and maze of the center is easily navigated with the help of a smartphone. To that note, Eating.London gives you the best restaurants in London that have been the most approved via social media. It’s a recent phenomenon that has been harnessed to simplify your decision for the best meals that can be found at the most popular restaurants. People love to take snaps of their food and post them on social media. Thus the influence of posts of a similar nature carry weight. So if you’re searching for a particular cuisine, be it Chinese, Italian, Eastern European, German or whatever, you can simply search and be directed to your nearest awaiting dining experience.

The Square

Trafalgar Square is where London City Hall stands in all its classical glory. The architecture is bold and tall; it’s reminiscent of what the Romans left behind who also took their inspiration from the Greeks. You’ll also see one of the best naval commanders of all time, watching over passersby. Horatio Nelson’s column is a statue of the man that won the Battle of Trafalgar against the French and Spanish navies in 1805. Standing in the center, you get a full panoramic view of the city, great for taking iconic pictures.

If ever there was a place where beauty and historical significance met, London’s welcoming streets and lavish architecture are it. You can dine with a good sense of taste to guide you, or rather millions. It’s the city of museums, so why skip out on the art and design capital of Europe? Standing among the important figures of the famous Trafalgar Square brings it all home; London has a culture that stretches back several centuries.