Opening Up Your Dining Room

How do you feel about your dining room? Because your dining room might be quite small, or it might be decently sized – either way, you can open it up a little bit more, and have more room and/or decor to work with. 

Once you’ve finished redecorating the kitchen, and you’re settling into your new life with the cooking space of your dreams, it’s time to turn your attention to where you eat. Because when you’re sitting down to eat as a family, you want to be surrounded by a positive and attractive atmosphere. 

So, here are some ways to open up your dining room that you may not have considered already; be sure to keep them in mind for a little bit of inspiration! 

Work on Your Layout

What kind of layout is your dining room set out in? There’s quite a few out there – formal, dual purpose, and pass through are the most common types. Because dining rooms are often treated as more than a place to eat; they’re a place for storage, as well as a quick shortcut between the living room and the kitchen, for example, having a good layout is imperative.

So get to know your current layout, and look up some other examples of these kinds of layouts to see if your furniture arrangements fit. You might be able to open up the space if you switch a few things around! 

Open Up to the Patio

If there’s a patio outside of your dining room, why not install a new door to ensure you can open up into a semi conservatory, or a screened in deck, when the weather is nice and you’d like to let the sun in? It’s a very sophisticated way to ensure you’re enjoying mealtimes with the family, and it’s a great way to impress guests when they come round for lunch or dinner. 

Bifold doors are a good example of a great way to open up your dining room to the patio and garden outside. And don’t worry – bifold doors may seem a little insecure at times, but a quick phone call to a bifold doctor will sort any problems with your new set of doors as soon as you need them to. 

Change Your Storage Solutions

Instead of using bookshelves or cabinets to line the walls, why not think about hanging up shelves instead? This gives you more room near the floor, and a lot more storage space up the top of your walls. This both opens up the space and makes good use of the vertical interior, so you’ll get the best of both worlds here! Not to mention you might even be able to fit some seating in underneath these shelves, which would be a lovely way to include a bit more comfort into your dining room. 

Opening up your dining room doesn’t have to be impossible to do, even if you’re in an apartment and have a small galley to use!