Planning a Hen Do and your chance to *WIN* a Party Bags and Supplies Voucher

I’m obsessed with weddings, I love the flowers, the colours, the dresses, even the stress that goes alongside it –

A few years ago my best and oldest friend in the world got engaged, you have no idea how excited this made me, and it’s been a long time coming waiting for her to finally set a date! Last October that day came, when the postman delivered a very special card… “Will you be my bridesmaid, save the date”! Of course the answer was yes and of course I got straight on with planning up a hen do extravaganza for her! You never know when you’ll next be asked to be a bridesmaid – if ever!

So with the planning for a spa day well underway and 17 ladies all arranged to come for the day, everything was well planned. Except, the bride knew everything – she’d asked for a spa day, set the date, gave me the ‘to invite’ list, and helped me choose the menu for dinner. So that left no embarrassing surprises or secrets to make it a hen do to remember. So I headed to Pinterest – you know as you do for any sort of inspiration! There I found ideas for games, decorations, and favours for all the lovely ladies!

So after a very successful hen do, and a very happy and suitably embarrassed bride to be, here are my top tips for organising a hen do when you next get called up for bridesmaid or maid of honour duty!

  1. Keep a surprise – Like me, even if the bride wants to know the plan there’s always something you can surprise her with. Embarrassing photos, decorations, masks with the grooms face for all bar the bride (seriously creepy!), games, and of course if you’ve got a set activity you can always add something special on for the bride to be like an extra spa treatment or if you’re more adventurous, an extra pot of paintballs!

hen party planning

  1. Spoil everyone, not just the bride – ok, I know if you’re on a budget this might not be feasible, but everything can be done on a budget and if you’re really lucky you could win the voucher on offer below! I created 17 amazing favour bags (even if I do say so myself) filled with cake, sweets, tea bags, straws, party poppers, hen party sashes, bubbles, and a personalised chocolate bar with the hen do details on it.
  2. Keep organised – you are being relied upon to plan a getaway, day out, whatever it is, for a potentially large group of ladies. After all, they are all relying on you to give them a day to remember – some of them might not get out the house that often!
  3. Be prepared for the unexpected – there’s always something that happens last minute, illness, cancellations, late arrivals. So be prepared, ask everyone to pay in advance so any deposits needed are covered so you’re not left out of pocket.
  4. Keep a record – I love spreadsheets…I know I’m weird. Keep track of who’s paid, RSVPs, dinner choices, dietaries etc. If everything’s in one place you will be the hen do planner of the year!
  5. Be creative – just because your bride wants a quiet meal out or no fuss made, doesn’t mean you have to completely listen! You can still have a quiet meal out while the bride sits in a veil and tiara, just think of all the extra attention she’ll get (hopefully she’ll only ever have 1 hen do to be spoilt rotten by her friends!)

I hope these tips proved useful – I’m sure I’ll milk all I can from my hen do planning experience and cover each part in more detail in future; but for now, here’s your chance to win a £30 voucher from Party Bags and Supplies, perfect for sorting out your decorations, favours and party pieces for the big day!

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