Preparing for puppies

When you first take the plunge and decide to buy a puppy or dog to join your lovely family you should make sure you are prepared, it’s never like you expect and it uproots your entire lives. We should know mummy and daddy had a lovely house before we moved in 😉

When you’re looking for puppies for sale make sure you read all the information you can before you commit, remember the saying, we’re for life, not just for Christmas!

Mummy and daddy were well prepared when we came to stay with them and we had lots of nice things to help us settle in. Making sure you have a bed ready means we can get comfy straight away – ask the breeder for a blanket or item of clothing that smells like our doggy parents so we get settled quicker. When we enter the house for the first time, help us feel welcome by letting us explore and have our food and water in a place where our food will always be so we can feed ourselves too – we’re always hungry!

We (well, with mummy’s help) have created a checklist of items we think you should have before you take the plunge to make sure we feel right at home! You can download it here.