Renovations You May Have To Do On An Old House

Old houses are often full of charm and character, and whilst this is part of their appeal, it can also be part of their expense for those just moving in. Since old houses are just that – old, they can often require a lot more in the way of renovations and repairs to fix some of the things that will wear down over the years.

In this post, we want to share some of the renovations you may need to carry out in an old house. This will hopefully help you prepare for the budgeting of your renovations, but even if you don’t yet own a house, it will also help you decide if the lower cost you’ll pay to buy the house outweighs the cost of the bigger renovation costs you’ll have once you move in.


Floors in old houses are notorious for their creaking sounds, and this sound generally comes from floors that are not as locked down as they should be. This is not bad or in any way dangerous, and aside from the fact that it can get annoying to have creaky floors everytime you walk, it can also result in higher energy and heating costs because the heat will, not only escape through the floors, but the cold will also come through the floors, so even if you’re putting the heating on to heat the house, it’s not actually getting heated.


Depending on when your house was built, and the last time it was renovated internally, then the insulation system it has may not be the best. This is definitely something you want to opt for quality in when it comes to your house because the insulation ensures your house maintains the right temperature during each season, and also that outside noise levels are not heard too much from inside. It’s also not something you want to be replacing or upgrading every couple of years, so going for quality now will save you a lot of money and hassle later.

Heating & Water Systems:

Again, this will depend on the last time these were updated, but adding things like new water storage tanks and more energy-efficient heating systems into your home is probably something you’ll have to think about doing at some point since older ones tend to not be as reliable and are mostly not energy efficient, so will cost a lot more money to run in general.


The stairs in older houses are often a big part of their charm – especially things like Victorian Staircases. However, if it’s been a while since they were installed, then they may need a little bit of an upgrade to keep them safe and restore them to their former glory.


Older houses often have quite thin windows, and these can cause problems such as heat escaping during the winter, so they’re really not the most energy efficient aspect of an old home and are possibly something you’ll want to spend some time and money carrying out renovations on.