Stuff to Do Around the Home Before Spring Has Sprung

Spring-cleaning usually brings things like clearing out cupboards, cleaning windows and floors or similar tasks to mind. However, there is some routine maintenance that can be just as important, if not more so.

Clean Your Gutters

Failing to clean your gutters could result in water not being able to reach the downpipes. Then it will start to seep through your walls and dirty watermarks will ruin your d├ęcor. Correctly working gutters will channel water away from your home and help to protect the wood under the eaves and flooring.

If you find any holes while cleaning them out, you should get them repaired. Also, make sure that the drains the water runs into are free and clear of leaves or any other debris.

Stop The Insects

Buy yourself a can of spray foam and work your way around your home filling in any holes where insects or rodents could get in. This can be a problem around wires especially, but is very easily solves as the spray foam will seal their entrance.

Also, try to make sure there is no standing water around your home as this can attract termites. They need moisture to survive and can be very destructive if they manage to get into your home.

Check Out Your Conservatory

Conservatories are a great way to add a room to your home. They are usually bright and airy, but at this time of year, you need to check that your conservatory does not need any repairs.

You might also want to consider conservatory roof insulation from experts like the ones at Rundle and Dorey. Insulating your conservatory roof will make it a more space that is useable all year round. It will help to stop heat loss in the winter months and to keep the heat out in the summer months.

Jet Wash Drives And Paths

Over the winter, moss and other weeds will have worked their way into any spaces between slabs and bricks that make up your drives and paths. Snow and frost could also have stained them. Give them a good clean with a jet wash now, as these are powerful enough to remove all the moss for you as well as get rid of any stains.

Your drives and paths will look as good as new after being jet washed, but it is not a bad idea to re-sand them once they have dried.

Check Around Your Window Frames

Now is the time to check that no holes have developed around your window frames. If they have, they could let water in and that is something you want to avoid. Some people go to the extent of replacing the weather sealing on all their windows, just to be certain they have not missed a tiny spot that could let some water in.

Declutter Inside And Outside

It does not matter where clutter is, it will create you more work every time you have to move it to clean. Inside your house will stay looking tidier and the outside will be the same if you dispose of or store the clutter.

When all these things are done, then you can get back to the cleaning floors and other parts of your home, safe in the knowledge that it will be the last job you need to do before Spring arrives.