Which Style Of Sofa Is Right For Your Home?

A sofa is an important purchase. There are so many styles out there that it can often be a difficult task settling on one design. Here are some important factors to consider when buying a sofa that will ensure that you get the right one for your home.

Traditional or modern?

Sofas have evolved over the decades to include all different styles. There are old designs like the chesterfield, mid-century designs with a sixties edge and more modern designs with a more futuristic feel. It’s worth taking into account the age of your home – something quirky and modern might feel out of place in a Victorian home. That said, it could be a deliberate statement piece that gives the room more character.

New or used?

You should often be careful of used upholstery as it can contain bacteria. That said, second-hand sofas are often very cheap and ideal if you’re on a budget. Always check the condition first if you can (when buying online, consider buying locally so that you can pick up the sofa yourself). New furniture can be pricier, but you can still take advantage of sales. New sofas may also come with free delivery and extra incentives such as warranties that used furniture won’t have.

Which material?

The material is a big factor to consider. The likes of leather are easy to clean, but can get hot and cold easily. Fabric sofas meanwhile are cheap and comfortable, but more prone to damage. You can of course buy sofa covers which can make fabric sofas easier to clean, whilst throws can make leather sofas more comfortable.

How big?

Size matters when buying a sofa. You don’t want something that’s too big for your room, but similarly you want something that can seat enough people. There are some happy mediums out there such as large corner sofas that can fit into a poky room whilst seating lots of people. Size may also be important when getting the sofa into your home – too big and it might not fit through doorways or be able to fit up an apartment staircase.

Flat-pack or pre-assembled?

Pre-assembled sofas can be costly to deliver and may even be too big to manoeuvre into your home. Flat-pack sofas are more easily manoeuvrable when it comes to tight doorways and staircases. The catch is that you’re more limited when it comes to designs, plus you need to have the time and patience to assemble the sofa. Flat-pack sofas are generally cheaper due to being more basic in design.  

Do you need a sofa bed?

It’s possible you may want your sofa to double up as a bed for guests. Getting a sofa bed can be a good practical decision, but as with flat-pack furniture, it limits you as to which designs you can pick. Many cheap sofa beds don’t make comfortable beds – if you’re looking for a sofa that can provide a good night’s sleep as a bed you may need to pay more. Buying an inflatable mattress could be a better option for those on a budget.