Week 3: Couch to 10k

So 3 weeks ago I started Couch to 10k. This week hasn’t been great. I ran home from work on Monday and my right knee/hamstring decided to give out on me, so this week has been a serious rest week while I try to recover. But to keep me motivated I officially signed up to the 10k race. There’s no backing out now!

I managed to get back out yesterday for a quick 2 mile run, but made the awful mistake of eating just an hour before. So about 3/4 of the way through wanted to be sick! I carried on but with more of a walk than run! I’m one run short on my app programme, but I’m going to run home from work again tomorrow and then aim to catch up week after next when I’m back from my holiday (I’ll need to burn off some serious all-inclusive calories!)

I knew the bad week would come so I’m not too worried. I still have 15 weeks to go until the race and as long as I finish I’m not fussed about my speed so just need to get up my stamina to run further without stopping. Yesterday I managed to run for a full 5 minutes without stopping (furthest ever – and yet still sounds ridiculous that I can only keep running for 5 mins!) In a few weeks I’m hoping I can look back and laugh at the fact I could only run for 5 minutes!