What can dogs eat? The dos and don’ts

Recently, we were very naughty and escaped our bedroom, and proceeded to chew through some of the Christmas chocolates waiting to be eaten by mummy and daddy. This scared them, as although you may think we can eat anything (and we can eat a lot!), dogs stomachs can act a lot differently than a human tummy, meaning we cant digest certain foods that people might be able to. To help you decipher what’s good and bad we’ve pulled together this little list of to help with the really important do’s and dont’s when it comes to feeding your four-legged friends! So what can dogs eat?

The dos:

Egg – make a plain scrambled egg for pooch, if they need a protein boost.

Chicken and rice – if unwell some plain rice can be just the trick to help settle their stomach.

No-fat yoghurt – if you’re pooch suffers digestion problems, this can really help, just make sure it’s free of sugars and sweeteners.

Salmon – to help boost your dogs coat, some cooked salmon can help boost their shinier fur!

Cottage or goats cheese – in small amounts this makes a lovely treat for dogs, as long as they don’t have any diary issues.

Raw carrot – great for their teeth and a great source of fibre and vitamins a carrot stick is a great dog snack.

Unsalted peanut butter – great for using in a kong toy or just on a tablespoon. Make sure you lower their normal food with this to ensure you’re not over feeding them.

Banana – in small amounts bananas can form a good part of your dogs diet as an occasional treat.

The don’ts:

Chocolate – dogs can’t digest the chemicals in chocolate and it makes us really sick. So keep all chocolate out of reach! Mummy has bought us doggy chocolate treats now to keep us happy!

Cherries – we’ve heard mixed reports on cherries, some sources say good, some say very bad for your kidneys. So best to avoid just to be safe!

Grapes and raisins – very very toxic to dogs!

Onions and garlic – again not good and can make your pooch very unwell.

Alcohol – although it may seem funny to have a drunk dog, alcohol is definitely not good for dogs, even in small amounts. Leading to vomiting, fits and even death.

Avacado – contains toxins that aren’t good for pooch so make sure you keep them all away from us.

Have you got any other suggestions to add to our list? Comment below with your dietary advice!